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From the Grudge Match: Ted Blanchard Reviews Clash XI: Coastal Crush

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Live from the Citadel in Charleston, SC.

Hosted by Tony Schiavone, fresh from his stint in the WWF.  Jim Ross and Bob Caudle will be calling the action.

The Wild-Eyed Southern Boys vs. The Freebirds- so begins the epic feud of the 1990 Clashes. In fact, I think these teams were still fighting a year later. I'm still a little miffed that Garvin gets inducted with the 'Birds. The 'Birds whip the Boys together, but both get forearmed, then backdropped. Double shoulderblocks, and the Birds bail. Garvin works over Tracy Smothers in the corner, and then Smothers runs into knee in the corner. Garvin slams him, then Hayes comes in with punches. Steve Armstrong then gets a double bodypress on the 'Birds out of nowhere. It's like Kevin Dunn is directing this. Armstrong gets the tag, and gets a clothesline. Garvin pushed him off the top, then Hayes hits a clothesline. Stun Gun on Smothers gets 2.5. Garvin hits a backbreaker and tags Hayes, who works the arm. Hayes seems to be getting cheered as he puts the beats on Armstrong. Hayes gets a slam, then struts. Armstrong slams him off the top, and tags Smothers. Baaackbody drop on Hayes, flying elbow by Smothers. Smothers rolls up Garvin, but gets walloped by a Hayes clothesline. Garvin hit a flying knee and covered, but Armstrong hit a flying headbutt. The Boys get an upset to a thunderous pop. 6:37, ***.

A wrestling hotline commercial says you can talk live with "Lex Lugar" tonight. I can't even...

Tommy Rich vs. Bam Bam Bigelow- Lockup in the corner, and no one will break. Bigelow tosses Rich, but misses a charge. Right and lefts on Bigelow, but he won't go down. Bigelow missed a right hand, and got punched by Rich. Rich works the arm, and gets a headbutt. I didn't expect so much offense from Rich. Bigelow finally grabs a charging Rich for a headbutt. Bigelow misses a charge and gets schoolboyed. Corner punches from Rich, and then he gets atomic dropped. Bigelow military presses Rich, then the ref tries to stop him from choking Rich. Disqualification; WTF? Bigelow threw Rich onto the ramp. I have no idea what the point of that was, but it is nice that Oliver Humperdink was reunited with Bigelow. 3:47, *.

We take a special look at Big Van Vader from Japan. He was getting grabbed and all up in peoples' faces here. It's weird his first WCW run that was starting didn't really work out.

Gary Michael Capetsky interviews El Gigante, in Spanish. Let's see the Fink do that!

Captain Mike/Z-Man vs. The Samoan Swat Team- Chewie, I have a bad feeling about this. Mike Rotunda has morphed from a wrestling team captain to a boat captain since we last spoke, and the SST is Fatu and the Samoan Savage (Tama). Their asses are approximately the same size. Rotunda and Fatu slug away, and the Capt. gets hiptossed. He kicks off and gets his own hiptoss and armdrag. The Savage tried to pull a switcheroo, but Nick Patrick has none of it. So Zenk comes in and immediately gets double teamed. Shoulderblock, but Zenk gets an armdrag and dropkick. Rotunda jumps in on Tama's arm, then gets a high cross body. Another switcheroo and Fatu gets a 2.5 count. Double clothesline by the Samoans. Savage clotheslines Rotunda, then holds him for a Fatu kick. Nerve pinch slows the proceedings way down. Clothesline by Fatu, and he tosses the Capt. out. Savage slams Rotunda on the floor, as Fatu does his taunt. Stereo chops to Mike's throat, and Savage does a nerve pinch. Rotunda ducks a double clothesline, then takes both Samoans out. Z-Man in, and dropkicks both, then savate kicks them. Double noggin-knocker fails, and the SST headbutts Z-Man. Vader splash from the Savage, but Rotunda and Z-Man pull a switcheroo! Rotunda then pins the Savage. How can you confuse those two? Their tights are different colors! 5:25, **.

The Loose Cannon vs. the Undertaker- Actually it's billed as Flyin' Brian vs. "Mean" Mark Callous. We get a sweet video of Mr. Callaway set to some bad-ass '80s guitar solo. Then Mark comes out to no music. Brian has solid blue tights, which looks weird. He argues with Paul E. Dangerously, and gets waffled by Callous. Pillman gets slammed into the buckle, then whipped. Pillman jumps from the second buckle and gets a dropkick that gets no-sold. Taker then boots Pillman off the apron like it's a WCW Revenge battle royal. Taker throws him back in. Pillman flipped out of a side slam, but couldn't get a crucifix. Glad to see Callous was already a good no-seller. Bodyslam then a flying elbow on Pillman. Side-headlock by the future Booger Red (worst nickname ever. As a BoD'er recently said, no one else knows these Oklahomaisms, JR). Pillman gets out but gets clotheslined. Pillman chops Mark but gets side-slammed. Two-count but Pillman kicks out. Mark misses an elbow in the corner, but Pillman can't chop the Dead Man down. Powerslam by the Texan, but a legdrop misses. Chops and a dropkick. Pillman goes over the top, but skins the cat. Dropkick off the top, then Pillman gives Paul E. the same. Pillman came of the rope but something was botched. Pillman off the top and gets Stun-Gunned, and Callous gets a pin that Pillman seemed to kick out of. It seemed Callous tried to get a heart punch, but didn't (shoot or not). 5:40, *1/2.

Tony Schiavone with STING. He's ready for some Dudes with Attitudes action.

U.S. tag team championship, Rock n' Roll Express vs. the Midnight Express- The RnR's may be the only wrestlers on this show other than Taker who are still active. Maybe Eaton is too, IDK. I miss the U.S. tag belts. Gibson and Eaton start, and Gibson gets an armdrag takeover, twice. Eaton gets a shoulderblock, but gets hiptossed and headscissored. Lane gets tagged, and lands a savate kick to the gut, then the back of the head. Gibson gets his own to Lane's head. Morton tagged, and he gets a hiptoss off the ropes. Lane punches Morton in the corner, but misses a charge and gets backdropped. Eaton gets the tagged and gets armdragged. Morton holds the arm, and dropkicks Eaton and does a sort-of delayed Frankensteiner. Lane gets tagged but also gets armdragged. Gibson in, and atomic drops Lane into Eaton. Morton gets an armbar, but Eaton comes in and takes over after an eyepoke. Eaton tries a superplex but Morton escapes, and Lane comes in. He drops Morton in a donnybrook, and Morton gets double backdropped. The RnR's then roll up the Midnights. Lane lifts up Morton on a leapfrog, and they kind of hit the Rougeaus' old move. They doubleteam Morton, and Eaton misses a charge in the corner. Gibson gets the hot tag, and is a house of fire. Kneelift on Lane,  and a bodypress on Lane gets broken up by Eaton. Morton tackels Eaton over the top. Eaton gets launched into the railing, but Ricky and Robert get rammed together. Eaton hits a double axehandle on Gibson, but Lane only gets two. Double dropkick on Eaton, but Lane breaks up the count. Eaton gets double backdropped and Stan gets clotheslined, but the Express have been disqualified. 12:08, **3/4, could have been better.

Barry Windham vs. Doug Furnas- the World's Strongest Man had a cup of coffee in WCW at this point. Is he dead? Maybe that was LaFon. Furnas knocks Windham down but gets hiptossed. Furnas tries a leapfrog but gets caught, he then gets a sunset flip and football tackle. Windham regroups. He had recently returned from the WWF, where he did nothing of note. Furnas goes up and backflips, then military presses Windham. Furnas gets punches in the corner, Windham tries an atomic drop, but Furnas clotheslines him for two. Furnas flips him back in, and chops away in the corner. Furnas charges but eats knee, and Windham clotheslines him. Windham gets a suplex, but Furnas throws him off during a pin. Windham rakes his eyes on the top rope.Furnas gets an inside cradle for 2.5. Furnas is from Commerce, OK, so you can imagine the BJ JR is giving him here. Furnas plants Windham's face off the ropes, and hits a belly-to-belly. Furnas powerslam for another 2.5. Now a backdrop on Windham, and a seemingly-whiffed dropkick sends Windham out. Suplex back in, but Windham gets out, gets a belly-to-back suplex, and puts his feet on the ropes for the pin. 5:40, ** That sure was an unusual pairing, in a good way. Lots of offense for Furnas, too.

U.S. championship, Sid Vicious vs. Lex Luger (c)- This one's a headscratcher. The Master and Ruler of the World (now a Horseman) and Ole Anderson attack right away. Sid rakes Luger's eyes, Sid turns to Ole, then gets clotheslined and pinned! 26 seconds, DUD. Was Sid injured or something?

World tag team championship, Steiner Brothers vs. Doom- Doom, who was unmasked at the last Clash, won the tag team titles from the Steiners at Capitol Combat and now are managed by Teddy Long. I don't really get sick of seeing this matchup. Scott starts with Simmons. It's nice to not have to pretend who Doom are anymore. Scott gets a reverse slam on Farooq, then on The Natural. That was very impressive. Clean break in the corner, but Simmons gets a headbutt. Scott Steinerlines him on the back of the head. Reed also went to the same school in Oklahoma as Furnas. Super. Reed leapfrogs Scott, but gets back-slid. Hiplock takeover and scoop slam by Scott. Simmons gets a cheapshot around Nick Patrick, then a bearhug is reversed by Rick into a belly-to-belly.
I guess that's supposed to be Rick? Reed in, and he pounds on Rick. Steinerline, then a bodyslam. Rick yanks Reed out of the corner. Steiner gets a rollup, then fights out of the corner. Reed stops before getting Steinerlined. They go out, and a hiding Simmons hits Rick from a three-point stance. Neckbreaker gets two on Rick, then Reed punches away. Clothesline gets 2.9 on Rick, and Simmons chokes him. Rick gets a kick on Simmons, and Reed gets tagged and hits a double-axehandle off the top, Reed tosses Rick over the top and Simmons rams him shoulder-first into the post. Rick punches away and gets kicked in the face while trying a backdrop. Butterfly suplex by Reed, who gets an elbow off the middle rope for a near fall. Chinlock. Reed missed a knee, and Rick hits a double-axehandle off the top rope. Tag to Scott, who pounds on Reed and hits dropkicks on both Doom'ers. Powerslam on Simmons, and he draws Reed in. Simmons placed on the top. Superplex but Reed nails Scott with a foreign object. Rick pins Reed and Simmons cover Scott, but that's the pin that counts. 11:19, ***. Two wrongs don't make a right, Rick.

Tony Schiavone with the Junkyard Dog. He's going to have the Bad Dudes with Attitudes in his corner, according to him.

Paul Orndorff vs. Arn Anderson- all I have left of my original recording of this show is the last few minutes of this match, for some reason. Arn has some pretty bad-ass music here that I don't remember. Arn is the TV champion, but this is apparently non-title. Orndorff puts the belt around his waist. Orndorff works a headlock to begin. Arn leapfrogs him, and gets wishboned on the mat. Orndorff headlock again, and they are taking awhile to get going. Paula gets a backslide for 2.5. He slugs on Arn, who runs out and back in from the ramp. Sleep hold by Orndorff, and Arn gets a sleeper of his own until Orndorff rams his head to the buckles. Mr. Wonderful gets a figure four, as I wonder if he ever wrestled Flair. Orndorff rams Arn's knee to the buckle, and stomps on it. Arn gets a spinebuster, then a backbreaker. Orndorff tried a sunset flip and pulled down Arn's trunks, thankfully not on the hard camera side. Not sure if that'd be a lecturin' at the performance center or not. Arn grabs a rope-assisted abdominal stretch. I know the outcome, so why does it seem like they are working toward a time-limit draw? Snapmare, and Arn drops a knee for two. Chinlock again. They keep showing son of South Carolina's governor. Orndorff gets rammed to the buckles, then Orndorff hits an atomic drop and their heads crack. Orndorff gets punches in the corner, then gets a forearm off the ropes. Elbows (with no Boogie-Woogie Shake), then a kneelift. Orndorff gets a clothesline off the ropes, but then a Vader splash hits knees. Arn grabs a small package, but Orndorff reverses for the pin. 11:39, *. Bor-ing.

Tony Schiavone interviews the Horsemen. Sting was kind of stalking Flair like he did to Hogan, come to think of it.

NWA World Championship match, Ric Flair (c) vs. the Junkyard Dog- They show JYD coming out with the band at Clash V as part of his entrance, and that serves as his entrance music. JYD must have been away for about a year, for some reason. Then, this happens:

Flair slaps the JYD, but gets dropped with a punch. Mr. Thump-Rump shoves Flair down a couple of times. Side headlock, and JYD does the all-fours headbutt. A punch sends Flair over the top onto the ramp, and he flops. Fliar chops the Dog to no reaction, then gets punched in the corner. Flair gets a thumb to the eye, then snapmares and kneedrops the Dog. JYD pops right up, though. Flair chops away but Dog punches back. Another Flair flop. JYD gets a backdrop out of the corner, and FLair crawls to the apron. He snaps Dog's neck on the top rope, and grabs Bob Caudle's chair. He hit Dog, to no effect. Why no DQ? Dog punches him in the corner, and Flair Flip. Dog of course catches him coming off of the top (this isn't Unforgiven 05, after all), and Dog gets a backdrop. Dog punches Ole Anderson, and Flair knees him in the kidneys. Flair gets slammed off of the top rope, and Dog headbutts him. Ole runs in, and that is enough for a DQ. The other Horsemen hit the ring, and then here come the Dudes. Sting goes for Fliar, who runs out of the arena. It's a pier-six'er as we go to break. 6:37, *. You know, I never thought Dog was all washed up and not good enough for the WWF at the time. I thought he was a good get for Turner/Crockett. It's not like he was Daniel Bryan in his prime or anything.

JR talks to Rocky King (?). I guess he was an honorary Dude or something, though he also was Little Richard Marley with the Freebirds around this time. Sting wants the world title in Baltimore at the Great American Bash. Let's sign the match! The Horsemen come back, FLair chops Sting, but the excited Stinger pounds on Flair in the corner and hits a clothesline. I'm honestly not sure I ever saw all of this until now. Sting is suplexing Flair as they fade out.

I thought the show was alright; it went by pretty quickly. More character progression for the Stinger here, as he's almost healed and clearly is the top star in the company. All he needs to do is win the big one...


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