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Danimal's Hot Dog Adventures

Here is a complete collection of hot dog and hot dog related items I have reviewed. Please share with your friends, family, and coworkers as you see fit.

Smilin' Clyde's - This is a hot dog cart not far from my work.

Another trip to Smilin' Clyde's to celebrate National Hot Dog Day.

Don's - I went to this place specifically because it has a hot dog statue putting condiments on itself on the roof.

Premo's - This place reminded me of hot dog stands I went to in my youth.

Janson's - This place is pretty close to my house. It was closed when I first moved in then opened under new ownership.

Portillo's - It's a tourist trap, but the food is damn good.

America's Dog - If you're in Chicago I highly recommend checking this place out.

Random Dogs - Reviews of various hot dogs that I had photos of in my phone.

Non Chicago Style hot dogs

7-11 - It was National Hot Dog Day and they were selling dollar dogs.

Bar-S Jumbo Dogs - For when you're making hot dogs at home.

Oscar Meyer Taste Test Challenge: Checking out various flavors of hot dogs from the Oscar Meyer company.

Burger King Grilled Dogs - The new Burger King hot dogs.

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Pretzel Crust Pizza Review

Meijer Stadium Style Hot Dog Potato Chips Review