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Next year's Rumble?

After this year's felt a little underwhelming in terms of interest and surprise - and given it's the 30th anniversary Rumble being number 31 - is there any scope to try the 40-man Rumble again, or do you think that was a bad idea and should just be consigned to history and never repeated? 

It's not like they won't have enough bodies, what with Raw, Smackdown, NXT, 205 Live and (presumably) the UK Championship (plus any of the indies they have signed up for the Network by then, if those come to pass).

Presumably with it being a big anniversary, there'll be a goodly amount of surprise retro entries from Rumble history - 40 entrants would allow those to breath a bit, and maybe section out a little (like when we had the mini-Hardcore Division clusterfuck back in the day before Kane eliminated them all).

​God no, not the 40 man idea again.  The Rumble has the perfect scope and flow with 30, and extending it artificially like that was a major factor in the 2011 show being as much of a failure as it was.  That and Del Rio winning, of course.​