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Joe Gagne's Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade #33: WWF In Your House


  1. I never played this one but I'm not gonna lie, if they worked similar effects into the All Stars games I might actually be interested in them. It sounds like the kind of goofy fun that would appeal to kids who play the games while also just being the kind of fun, wacky thing they can get away with in a video game. Themed arenas specific to each guy is a really cool idea, especially when you make the jump the 3D and maybe if you can move around throughout the arena.

    I dunno if it ever posted here but I went back and watched the video for the precursor to this one, Wrestlemania the Arcade Game, and holy shit did I forget how sharp those graphics looked compared to most of the rest of the wrestling games. Honestly, they moved a little jerkily, but just in terms of character models I'd say that the characters on that looked more realistic than the semi-cartoonish guys they have on games now. 

  2. You know I felt this game (along with WrestleMania: The Arcade) really sucked at the time, but it was more or less because we hadn't got a proper release in NA of a modern, straight forward wrestling game.

    I kinda like them now though, they fill a fun little niche.

  3. I really like All-Stars, actually.  WWE 12 can be maddeningly slow at times and it's nice to have a more arcade-y option where you can have super-powered Hogan v. Warrior matches all you want.  

  4.  I'm with you. I bought All Stars and SvsR 2011 when they both came out and played All Stars way more. I've been playing Smackdown style games for over a decade, it was nice to get something different for a change. Plus it's a lot of fun to play as Andre and toss Rey Mysterio around.


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