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Wednesday Pull List Thread

A light week, although the Dan Slott Spider-Man franchise continues growing until Jesse Baker’s head explodes…


- The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1.  Unwieldy title aside, this seems like fun.

- Avengers #13.

- Avengers AI #1.  I thought the Hank Pym prequel thing was AWESOME, although Mark Waid isn’t doing this series so I don’t know how the good will translate over.  But I’ll give it a shot.

- Venom #37.  The change to Philly has made for an interesting arc, with Flash being a street-level hero and a gym teacher. 


- Green Lantern #22.  I wasn’t hugely impressed with the new direction, but I’ll let it play out.

- Earth 2 #14. 

- Swamp Thing #22.

- Detective Comics #22. 

I used Morrison’s departure from Action Comics as a jumping-off point and I’ll just stick with Unchained. 


  1. Light week for me. I'm picking up the first issue of Satellite Sam, Matt Fraction's new Image book. It looks great, here's a preview for those of you who haven't heard of it.

    Other than that, I just have Swamp Thing to pick up. I may try out the new Foes of Spider-Man series, but I'm already getting Superior and Ultimate Spidey, so I don't know that I want another Spider-Man book.

    Anyone else excited about some of the announcements at Image Expo? Image has been killing it lately and I'm planning on cutting back a good chunk of my stuff from the big two to get in on all of the exciting new Image stuff. The Age of Ultron non-ending really solidified this decision for me.

  2. I liked GL #21, but I LOVED Green Lantern Corps #21. Check it out if you're a Lantern fan. Van Jensen totally gets the GLC concept, and he writes the hell out of the cast, including John Stewart, who has sometimes gotten the short end of the stick with regards to compelling dialogue.

    I did not care for Red Lanterns though. Completely miscasts Guy (including dialogue that just doesn't sound right, though Tomasi may have spoiled me with his awesome Gardner) and completely neuters Atrocitus in one issue.

  3. My dream for Superior Spider-Man is for the Green Goblin to kick his ass with his SINISTER Six of himself, Scorpion, Vulture, and some others. Then Doc Spidey forms a SUPERIOR Six with anti-heroes like Morbius, Lizard, and Venom.

  4. Just got the trades of New 52 Batman 1, Batwoman 1, Action Comics 1, and Wonder Woman 1, so I can finally try to get back into comics after years and years of being away.

    What comic would you recommend checking out from Marvel? I'm generally into X-Men unless there's something else vastly superior right now. Apologies for the noob-ness.

  5. Marvel:scarlet-spider,Superior spider-man,deadpool,Iron man,Hawkeye(my favorite title with aquaman)

    DC:Aquaman(best of new 52),constantine,superman unchained.

    there other titles but these are my favorites.

  6. Avengers #15
    Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1
    Dial H #14
    Green Lantern #22
    The Movement #3

    Much smaller than last week.

  7. I second the recommendations for Hawkeye, Scarlet Spider & Deadpool. Three of the best books on the stands right now. You also can't go wrong with Astro City, which just started a new volume with a new #1 and doesn't require any prior knowledge to enjoy.

  8. I cannot recommend Thor: God of Thunder highly enough so long as you don't mind the concept -- Thor in three different time periods of his life battling the same villain. It's an awesome read, but I understand that the premise can be a turnoff for people.

  9. I'm much more of a back issue guy but this week I got X-Men #2, Justice League Dark #21, and TMNT #23

  10. The new Brian Wood X-Men is only on issue 2. So far I'm enjoying it. It has a real Generation X fun feel to me.

  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll check out Astro City and X-Men (pretty badass they went with all women for that) and pick out some of the other trades when I get the money. Anybody use Midtown Comics? I like to have physical copies and they seem to be a great deal.

  12. Well Octospidey's currently kidnapping villains to that end in Avenging / Team-Up, so you're probably not too far off.

  13. I used to use midtown all the time and they are good but they sell out of stuff all the time so now I use And if you do decide to use that website and you order under that URL i get a credit for bringing in a new customer. So you'll be helping feed my addiction! But yeah I'm a physical copy guy myself. Something about having to turn a device on to read just doesn't feel right to me.

  14. Haven't kept up with that, I only read SSM. But cool. Also noticed that Lizard just happened to escape from The Raft.


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