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Wednesday Pull List Thread

Very late with this, obviously, but I was working today and totally forgot about New Comics Wednesday.  Perish the thought, I know, but I'm getting old.  The contenders:

Kind of packed week, actually.


Batman #22.  I'm in for the long haul with the "Zero Year" deal.

Batman '66 #2.  This is TREMENDOUS fun and well worth the 99 cents on Comixology.  Plus it's made for tablet viewing.  Check it out if you're at all a fan of the campy TV show.

Superman Unchained #2.  Still not worth $5, but I'll hang in on it.


Uncanny X-Men #8.  I'm getting close to X-Men overload, but I've really been enjoying the one-two punch of this one and All-New X-Men.  The Limbo storyline isn't my favorite, but the gag about buying the entire island of Madripoor is kind of great.

Superior Spider-Man #13.  My current #1 read every issue.  Dan Slott just keeps building this whole Octo-Spidey universe and one day everyone is gonna catch on to Otto's game and it's gonna be GLORIOUS.

Hawkeye #12:  The ending of the Pizza Dog issue was kind of heartbreaking, and now we get to find out the whys and what nexts on it.

Avengers Arena #12:  Eh, I'm pretty close to dropping this one because it's going nowhere.  Maybe I'll switch to Young Avengers instead, I dunno.


  1. Awesome week with my favorite two titles Batman and Daredevil coming out! Both were awesome this week.

    Daredevil was a great read. It's a story that is far from new(In #203 a childhood bully of Matt's asked him to defend him because he was innocent. Foggy was worried Matt was going to purposefully tank the case to get back at the bully. It's a pretty great issue) but it's done in a fun and interesting way.

    I was initially very hesitant about the concept of Zero Year but I'm glad I was wrong. It's been great so far. Really loving Snyder and Cap's take on the mystery man.

  2. DC:

    - Batman #22
    - Superman Unchained #2
    - Nightwing #22
    - Justice League #22

    - Superior Spidey #13

    - Walking Dead #112
    - Star Wars #7

  3. Hawkeye: While these look really great, I kind of wish the story would kind of move along. Maybe in the annual coming in 2 weeks?

    Secret Avengers: I don't get why this one takes place before the last one. I'm not super focused on the book, but why couldn't it be released in actual order?

    Batman: No complaints. Building quite nicely.

    JL: I don't feel like I'm going to enjoy where this is going. Trinity War probably spells the end of my JL reading.

    Astro City: I do like where this is going.

    Definitely a two tier week with Hawkeye, Astro City and Batman at the top of the comic food chain and JL and Secret Avengers circling the cut list.

  4. Batman 66 is the only title I still buy. Just a perfect comic in every way.

  5. Not at all a packed week for me. I got Superman Unchained 2 and last month's Justice League (still a month behind with stuff. I may play catch up after this Trinity War/Forever Evil crap is finished) and some digital-first comics I was behind on.

  6. The thing I love about Superior is it is FUN. There isn't this vibe of "THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER" in every issue like most comics seem to have.

  7. It's a digital-only version of the Batman TV series, with overblown colors and the trademark sound effects, done as a motion comic where swiping to the next panel pops up a new dialogue balloon or dynamically changes the scene. It's like Marvel's Infinite comics and is very well suited to the format. Plus it's drawn with Burt Ward and Adam West and all the classic villain actors. Just great fun.

  8. What I like about Superior is Doc uses common sense which TOTALLY throws his enemies off.

  9. Green Lantern Corps
    Superman Unchained
    Justice League

    Sadly my closest shop is 30 minutes away, so I won't be picking these up until the weekend, at the earliest.

  10. I thought the bit with Smythe's last gasp and Doc's easy deflection of his plan was tremendous, too. He's just so SMART about everything, and I'm legit gonna miss it when they switch it back to Peter.

  11. Good to see someone that actually likes Superior Spider-man,in Brazil I'm basically the only one that defends the series.

  12. How about no switch just leave him there,he's just awesome,remenber a winning team doesn't switch.

  13. If any of you all pick up "Night of the 80s Undead", a friend of mine Bill McKay did all the art work for it.

  14. You're ignoring "Astro City." Wonderful to see old-school super-hero telling back with great turns to it. Current two-parter is about a woman who works for the support line that handles super-team Honor Gaurd's calls and issue 4 has a woman with telekenitic powers who's not a hero or villain but does special effects for movies. Man, I love this book.

  15. So am I. I like the cold, business-like Spiderman.

  16. I agree. I though they would cop out and put Parker in a cloned body or something, but they can always make another title and have him do his thing there.

  17. and it's only 99 cents!!!!! The art is purrrfect (spoiler alert!!!)

  18. Hawkguy #12
    Astro City #2
    Green Lantern Corps #22
    Batgirl #22
    Buffy Season 9 #23

    And the Volume 5 trade of the ongoing Ghostbusters series.


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