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Big Brother - Amanda Unleashed!

Hey Scott,

I know you said you thought Amanda was hot earlier.  Have you been reading anything or hearing anything about her lately? They've set her up to be the hero on the television program, but she's actually quite nasty and just as racist as Aaryan and GM. 

Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior  This video shows the hypocrisy that is Amanda.  She started off playing a great game but has degenerated into one hypocritical, bossy, controlling and ugly person. What are your thoughts?



She's still hot, but they've been giving her more and more of a villain edit, especially after her catty argument with Jessie.  Plus last week's MVP vote made it pretty clear that the audience doesn't sympathize with her ME ME ME attitude.  

But still so very hot. 


  1. She was kinda hot when she went in there, but like most women that go on the show, she's turned into a lumpy drug-addled mess. It's like going through the WWE Diva career arc in 6 weeks.

  2. This is a strange season everyone I liked at the beginning I can't stand anymore. Is there anyone in the house worth routing for to win this?

    I'm finding Helen more and more annoying with all her sucking up and stupid dancing when something goes her way.

  3. McCrae is worth cheering for, especially once he figures out how bad Amanda is becoming for his game and dumps her.


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