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Impact Wrestling - August 29, 2013

Impact Wrestling
Date: August 29, 2013
Location: Wolstein Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

The news of the week is the BFG Series is wrapping up tonight before the September 12 No Surrender special. Apparently six weeks isn't long enough to have 66 matches and amazingly enough, TNA didn't catch on to that idea. Other than that we have Hogan for the first time in about a month tonight, though I don't think a lot of people noticed he was gone. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of last week's events as is customary.

Here are the Aces to get things going. Ray talks about how D-Von is no longer here with them after losing the fall last week. He wants some answers from the club about what happened last week. Bischoff doesn't know but he's just as mad as Ray is. Knux was on the floor fighting Magnus and Rampage which satisfies Ray. Brisco doesn't know what happened. Anderson doesn't know either but D-Von knew what the consequences were and it was a disappointment.

Ray goes on a rant against D-Von, saying he was always the sidekick and that Ray never needed him, either before or ever in the future. All Ray needs is Tito Ortiz and he's going to give Tito his own cut tonight. Anderson FREAKS, saying that Ray doesn't have the right to do this without putting it to a vote. Ray says get in line before Ray puts him in line and demands Brooke get out here now. Anderson keeps freaking out as Ray puts the cut on Ortiz. Ray pulls off the D-Von patch to really rub it in Anderson's face. Bully yells at Hulk a bit and says this Brooke is the only one that ever mattered to him.

Jeff Hardy is ready to face Kazarian to get into the BFG Series finals.

Hulk Hogan arrives.

Here are the BFG Series standings coming into tonight.

1. Magnus – 39
2. Bobby Roode – 34
3. Christopher Daniels – 30
4. Austin Aries – 28
5. Samoa Joe – 26
6. Mr. Anderson – 24
6. Jeff Hardy – 24
8. AJ Styles – 22
8. Kazarian – 22
10. Joseph Park – 17
11. Hernandez – 7
11. Jay Bradley – 7

Remember only the top 4 advance.

Bound For Glory Series: Kazarian vs. Jeff Hardy

They trade quick near falls to start before Jeff sends him to the floor for a clothesline off the apron. Back in and Jeff can't hit the Twist of Fate, getting crotched on the ropes out of the corner instead. Kaz does Hardy's dance and stomps away before getting two off a leg lariat. Off to a chinlock on Hardy which makes sense here given the need for points.

A knee drop gets two on Hardy but he comes back with the sitout front suplex. Jeff hits the legdrop between the legs and there's a bad looking figure four of all things. A rope is grabbed and Kaz gets a quick two each off a backslide and a bicycle kick to the face. Jeff comes right back with the Twist of Fate and the Swanton is good for the pin and seven points at 6:12.

Rating: C. Nice little match here as Kaz continues to be solid in the ring. Hardy is one of those guys you almost have to have in the main event scene due to his history and continued popularity. As usual, the solution to some not very interesting stories is having good wrestling like this.

That puts Hardy at 31 points and into third place.

Aces and 8's are mad at Bully and are talking about impeachment.

Gail Kim vs. ODB

This is 2/3 falls and for a future shot at Mickie James. Gail jumps her to start but gets tossed into the corner for her efforts. A delayed vertical suplex gets two on Gail but ODB tries to jump over her in the corner, only to get dropped down onto the knee. Kim stays on the knee by ramming it into the steps. She hooks a cross between a Sharpshooter and a Texas Cloverleaf, good for the submission from ODB at 3:06.

The second fall starts after a break with Gail still on the leg. Gail is pulled away by the referee, allowing ODB to hook a small package for the second fall at 8:45 total. Kim stays on the leg but ODB clotheslines her down for two more. The knee gives out on a Bam attempt though and Gail wraps ODB's leg around her own neck. Gail can't hit Eat Defeat and gets caught in the same hold she won the first fall with for the submission and the win for ODB at 12:43 total.

Rating: D+. Total lack of psychology on the third fall aside, this did nothing for me. ODB is a one joke character who stopped being funny a LONG time ago. This division is dying for some new talent but they're content to have four girls fight for months at a time with no one new coming in.

Velvet has a surprise for us. She was supposed to be at Hardcore Justice but had some personal issues to deal with. Velvet mentions that she and Sabin are together but won't go further than that.

Daniels is freaking out that EGO is in trouble in the BFG Series. Roode says calm down because all they have to do is beat Aries and Styles tonight.

Aries says he'll count on himself to get to the BFG Series finals. He doesn't know why Styles did what he did last week but Daniels comes in to yell at him for not accepting EGO's offer. Aries threatens to smack Daniels so hard he'll start growing hair again.

Hulk doesn't want to answer questions but he has a huge announcement.

We recap the ten man tag from last week.

Here's the Mafia (minus the Visa issue having Magnus, which I believe has since been resolved) with something to say. Jackson wants to talk about Tito jumping him with a hammer two weeks ago. He isn't waiting for their MMA fight (in Bellator on PPV November 2) because every chance he gets he's going after Ortiz. Joe says they want to recognize AJ Styles for what he did last week and invite him to the ring.

Styles comes out to the slow theme before changing to Get Ready To Fly. AJ thanks them for their recognition but says he needs to do this himself. He says everyone has questions but he has answers. Last Thursday was a one time thing: he is NOT a member of the Mafia but he has no problem with them at all. AJ has developed some trust issues over the last year from being stabbed in the back and having people air his dirty laundry without his permission. Maybe that's just how the business works though and maybe he can only trust Allen Jones (his real name).

He's with no one and he's changed because his perception of the business has changed. AJ says he's better than the best in the world but this is just a job. People know what it's like to have a job that sucks but why be the nicest guy in the world when you don't love what you're doing. He shouts at Mike Tenay and Dixie Carter that he deserves better. Why should he break his back when Dixie is always looking for the next big thing to come in and save the company? Over the last year he's wanted to be fired so he could quit, but he's stayed here and done his job because he has to take care of his family.

Instead he came to this ring and started making people tap out but something started to click in his head. He liked being Dixie's go to guy who everyone depended on to steal the show. He can still be the best in the world and he can still be that go to guy. AJ says he's going to Bound For Glory to become the new world heavyweight champion. Outstanding promo here with AJ summing up his entire story in just a few minutes.

Bound For Glory Series: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

AJ needs a submission to make the top four. They trade arm locks to start and AJ goes for a quick Calf Killer, only to send Roode to the floor. Back in and we get the drop down from AJ but Roode holds the ropes to avoid the dropkick. AJ sends him into the ropes again and now the dropkick sends Roode to the outside. Styles dives to the floor to take Roode out before hooking a reverse chinlock back inside. Roode comes back with a spinebuster and cranks on AJ's arms for a lame submission attempt.

Styles drills him in the face and clotheslines Roode down before hitting a top rope Lionsault. AJ pulls up at one because he needs the submission and drops Roode with the Pele. The springboard forearm is countered into the Crossface but AJ gets his feet into the ropes. Roode puts it back on in the middle of the ring but AJ rolls out and puts on the Calf Killer, only to have Bobby make the rope. Roode kicks off a figure four but his fisherman's suplex is countered into a small package for the pin at 7:12.

Rating: B. I was really liking this match with the psychology working very well. Styles won on instinct and looked dejected after pinning Roode. Roode can work well when he has a good opponent like Styles in there and this was no exception. Very good match here due to the solid psychology but the work made it even better.

Hogan is going to talk after the main event.

Bound For Glory Series: Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels takes him down to start but Aries jumps over him in the corner and rakes Daniels' back. They hit the mat off an Aries armdrag followed by a hard dropkick to the face for two. Back up and Daniels sends him to the floor, only to miss a slingshot moonsault. Daniels blocks the suicide dive with a knee to the head and we take a break. Back with Daniels getting two off what appeared to be a moonsault and hooking a chinlock.

Aries escapes an abdominal stretch and they clothesline each other. Austin fires off left hands in the corner and brings back the pendulum elbow for two. Daniels is sent to the floor and now the suicide dive connects for Aries. Back in and Aries misses a dive off the top, allowing Daniels to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Aries comes back with a missile dropkick and a running dropkick in the corner. Daniels counters the brainbuster in the Last Rites (Cross Rhodes) for two. Back up and they slug it out with Aries hitting a quick running dropkick and the brainbuster gets him seven points at 11:15.

Rating: B. Another very fun match here with Daniels hanging in there with Aries move for move. The win puts Aries into the final four which is probably the right idea, though I'm not sure where they're going with AJ giving a big impassioned speech and then having him finish in the middle of the pack. Good match here though which is a nice theme tonight.

Here are the final standings:

1. Magnus – 39
2. Austin Aries – 35
3. Bobby Roode – 34
4. Jeff Hardy – 31
5. Christopher Daniels – 30
6. AJ Styles – 29
7. Samoa Joe – 26
8. Mr. Anderson – 24
9. Kazarian – 22
10. Joseph Park – 17
11. Hernandez – 7
11. Jay Bradley – 7

Ray says he needs Ortiz's help with Hogan tonight.

Here's Hogan for his latest HUGE announcement. He praises Cleveland before talking about the BFG Series. See, in his meetings with network executives, he decided there's going to be a gauntlet match next week for 20 more points. Hogan has another piece of business to tend to but here are Ray and Brooke to interrupt. Hogan cuts them off and pulls out some divorce papers for Ray to sign.

Ray kicks them away and brags about using Brooke (Hogan) to get where he is today. Hogan asks Ray if he knows who he is. In two weeks at No Surrender, it's going to be Ray defending against a member of Aces and 8's. Ray says no but Hogan says yes he is. Hogan says Ray is defending this week (I guess he meant next week) as well against.....Sting. You know, the guy who lost at Slammiversary so he would NEVER get another title shot. Sting beats Ray down to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This is what TNA is capable of when they cut out a lot of the stupid angles and focus on the in ring action instead of trying to out drama the WWE. You get a fun show that flew by and sets up future events. The impending implosion of the Aces and 8's is a breath of fresh air around here as it's been going on WAY too long already. Good, fun show this week, assuming you don't mind rules being made up on the fly.

Jeff Hardy b. Kazarian – Swanton Bomb
ODB b. Gail Kim – Texas Cloverleaf
AJ Styles b. Bobby Roode – Small Package
Austin Aries b. Christopher Daniels – Brainbuster

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  1. It's not like I'm a prude or anything, but the cameraman leering at Velvet's tits during her backstage thing was asinine. Stuff like that makes me embarrassed to watch this halfassed 1999 WWF shitshow. "Hey Sting's 67 years old, but look, tits!"

  2. "When they cut out a lot of the stupid angles..."

    Tonight was Stupid Angle Central... Anything involving Aces (minus Tessmacher), Sting getting a world title shot, the extension of the BfG Series (Styles/Daniels/Joe/Anderson/Park sneaks in, removing Hardy?)

  3. Hey, it's that cameraman's DUTY to make sure the boobs get their contractually mandated screen time.

  4. Clearly watching my War Games Blu Ray was a better choice.

    So, that Magnus guy... he's the leader in their tournament and they didn't have a Visa for him to work tonight? Where's Scott to say EVERYTHING IS FINE?

  5. So apparently Hogan just said the wrong thing and it's non-title.

    Note to self: pay no attention to what the boss says because he can't remember something as simple as "it's not a title match."

  6. Well, he did call them the Aces OF Eights after all... why not make another mistake while he's talking.

  7. Your_Favourite_LoserAugust 29, 2013 at 10:34 PM

    its amazing how bad wes brisco is even as a non-player window dressing. he overacts even when he's miming

  8. HELLO PROFESSOR FALKEN... wait that's not the War Games you meant?

  9. Watching on DVR now. This AJ Styles promo is the absolute shits. He completely loses the crowd. What a disaster.

  10. Oh TNA...

    When Thomas Hall is praising your show, pack it in.

  11. On the bright side, Big Brother was awesome tonight.

  12. I remember watching the YouShoot with Shane Douglas and he said how incompetent TNA was by having AJ Styles deliver long promos when he wasn't a good talker. Well, he was right.
    At least the Aries/Daniels match was awesome but they fucked up the BFG Series and nothing else is interesting.

  13. The in ring stuff tonight was really good. It was the last ten minutes that shot it in the leg.

  14. So Aries has to win the series and challenge Ray, right? Or I guess go with Hardy.

    Also, what's with Sting getting a title shot??

  15. Outside of a few years, TNAs in ring product has generally been good.

    Its ALWAYS been the angles that suck.

    If they just stuck to a more ROH type product once Russo left to retrain the audience they would have been fine. The wrestlers would have gotten themselves over.

  16. No, see, it makes perfect sense, because they had the tournament that they never said was a round robin, with the four top point scorers after tonight's show advancing to the finals, except that next week someone will get 20 points for some reason.

    Anyone else feel like they miss the logical and well thought out booking of Vince Russo right about now?

  17. Absolutely. I was digging the AJ Styles Super Wrestler stuff they were doing in the fall of 2009 but apparently what the wrestling world wanted was Hulk N Pals.

  18. 50 points on a pole seems about right.

    So who do you put over at this point, SK? I really think after that promo tonight they need to drop any plans of running with AJ— the dude proved again that he has absolutely zero in terms of charisma or mic skills. Fuck, this is the guy who's supposed to be whipping fans into a frenzy heading into the ultimate grudge match with the heel champion, and his promo is so bad that the crowd pretty much starts mocking him with Yes and No chants, boos, a CM Punk chant, and otherwise silence and grumbling. He absolutely cannot be he guy for them.

    I was pushing Magnus on a thread earlier in the week, and I do think that could still work, but I forgot that Aries is turning face again. So with that, I say they should just go with AA and have him win the belt. It's worth a try, right?

  19. If they had even the slightest clue, they would have used the BFG Series as an opportunity to elevate Magnus but they screwed that up unbelievably.
    This company has dropped the ball many times in pushing new stars and at this point, who knows if they will even find someone else to put in that position.

  20. "this is the New World... Organization of wrestling, brah!"


    Loved the deer in headlights look on her face when JC started talking about the shit she said, loved the crowd getting on her when she tried to pretend she didn't remember saying that stuff (it's funny that racists/bigots/etc think it's a good idea to act like you don't remember... that's actually WORSE than copping to it cause it implies the awful shit you said was so mundane and typical to you that it didn't register in your brain).

    I was worried that she might ruin my enjoyment by straight up owning it and genuinely apologizing, but instead she went for the lame "I'm sorry if anyone was offended" non-apology. I'd give that interview an easy *****, and the best part is we still have the final episode to look forward to, where she'll learn she's been fired.

    [Mr. Burns voice] Excellent...

  22. Caliber_Winfield_The_3rdAugust 30, 2013 at 3:04 AM

    What I love, is Bischoff didn't tell Hogan what to say backstage, other than he needs to get across that it's the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    So then Hogan goes out and says New World Organization twice.

    But to be fair, he was delivering the biggest promo of his entire almost 20 year career.

  23. Caliber_Winfield_The_3rdAugust 30, 2013 at 3:05 AM

    I thought Velvet's ass had the contract.

  24. The problem is that they never had anyone run with the ball to the point where you want them to win to take on Bully. Bully's main feuds have been with Hogan and Sting - two guys who shouldn't be main eventing BFG.

    Magnus, Aries, Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode may be the most random collection for a final four ever, and swapping AJ in for Hardy doesn't really help matters. If they're doing the Aces break-up, why not have Anderson in the top 4 for some drama?

    The biggest storyline in that collection of individuals is Aries vs. Roode. Did they tape next week's show last night or is that happening tonight?

  25. To Hogan's credit, the rest of the promo was so damn good that the giant "Organization" botch at the end is pretty much overlooked except when joking about it.

  26. The main event of the Battleground PPV will be Daniel Bryan vs. HHH in a Tic-Tac-Toe Best of 7.

  27. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonAugust 30, 2013 at 6:51 AM

    He HAS to.

  28. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonAugust 30, 2013 at 6:52 AM

    Remember when they had this midcard belt? Well they could have put THAT on him and put him in matches against quality opponents. But NOoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo. They want to have it defended against Scott Baio. (when it's defended at all)

  29. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonAugust 30, 2013 at 6:55 AM

    No. When she left Tessmacher's ass took over sole creative rights to having her ass shown on TV.
    And the world is a better place for it.

  30. As much of a punching bag as TNA is right now, the shows are still pretty good. They are a lot more streamlined than Raw and there is nothing outright horrible except for Aces and even that is salvaged by Bully to some degree.

    If I'm AJ, I try to get promo time on the next live show and just lay into Hogan and Dixie, specifically calling out how much money Hogan is making to do nothing and how stupid Dixie is for assembling the same team that killed WCW.

  31. That's when she wrestles.

  32. Scream09_HartKillerAugust 30, 2013 at 8:09 AM

    And this is why the BFG series is pointless. They always just throw in some match that has whatever number of points they need someone to get to make the top 4. AJ has to win by submission or he's done! Unless, of course, there's a 20 point match coming up, which is always possible.

  33. Totally, Styles should definitely rip into his current employers, get fired, and then bath in all that money that WWE has no intention of giving him.

    Also, in what way are TNA shows better than Raw right now? Aside from being 2 hours rather than 3, which I guess would count as being "streamlined." For every fault that Raw has (long rambling in-ring promos, stupid backstage segments, a pointless women's division, etc), Impact does the SAME EXACT THING. Except without any over stars, or any programs that have a tenth of the heat of Punk/Heyman or Bryan/Corporation. Even the TV match quality, which I guess used to be TNA's saving grace, is in the favor of Raw at this point.

  34. Real names? It's a shoot brother!

  35. Yeah, he should definitely vent his spleen against the company that has vastly overpaid him over the last ten years.

  36. Interesting. I didn't see the show but reading Tommy's review makes it seem like it was a fantastic promo.

  37. The content is totally overwrought and nonsensical. There's some decent emotion in it but AJ does not have the mic skills to pull it off.

    Someone better on the mic may have been able to salvage something out of it by trimming the fat and knowing how to read the crowd but man that crowd just crapped on it because AJ isn't at that level with promos.

  38. You understand the whole thing is rigged, right? There's no surprise to the ones putting on the event, since they planned who the winner is supposed to be before it goes to air (probably not much before the show starts, but still...).

    You are right, however. Just have AJ win by submission last night and use the taped show next week to hype the BFG semi finals the following week.

    The booking is way too much like Russo-era WCW, which causes a problem because SWERVE.

  39. Nash not knowing what an adjective is was incalculably worse.

  40. Exactly. Other than Hogan & Sting, who actually has a real beef with Aces & 8s in the sense that you really want to see them get revenge? Looking at the remaining BFG contenders:
    - Roode: Also a heel, no real issue with Bully.
    - Aries: Like Roode, has pretty much been a heel all year and existed in a paralell universe to Aces. No real beef there.
    - Magnus: OK, well at least he's a face! But honestly, what major angles has he had with Bully? They broke his hand once, right? So that's something. But it's not like they've been costing him the title all year— Magnus has just kinda been anti-Aces because WHY NOT.
    - AJ: He's the face of the company dang-nabbit! But honestly, has Bully actually done anything that has directly affected him?
    - Hardy: You know what, this one makes the most sense. Bully actually won the title from him via Ace shenanigans. Hardy actually has a case for revenge. EXCEPT, it doesn't seem like Jeff really cares that much, and it doesn't look like he's winning the Series.

    So really, like you said they've spent almost 2 years building this Aces storyline and the only faces with a real feud against Bully are Sting, Hogan, and Hardy. So of course none of them will actually have the blow-off match.

    What a goddamn joke.

  41. I always forget that TNA is in charge of the US State Department.

  42. It makes Matt Hardy "i want you to die in a car accident" look like the Pipebomb in terms of big money promos.

    He rambles on and on— the point of teh speech was basically "TNA sucks and always has, and I'm sick of carrying this sucky promotion on my back, but then I left for awhile and I realized I like carrying this sucky promotion on my back." He delivers it while stumbling over his words, yelling with no rhyme or reason, and just plain boring everyone to death.

    The big babyface savior gets a fucking "wrap it up" chant at the end during his money promo. It kinda worked as a heel turn more than anything.

    So yeah, it's really, really bad.

  43. AJ's promo was brutal. He was all over the place and came across more as a whiner than anything else.

  44. Haha wow, wondering how in the world Tommy got outstanding promo out of that?

  45. Because Styles said the term THIS BUSINESS really loudly and called himself "Allan James"? And he also looked right at Mike Tenay and yelled "this sucks Mike!" and Mike Tenay was all like "this is getting real".

    And he looked right in the camera and yelled "This sucks Dixie!", and, ya know, "Dixie" is actually Dixie Carter the real life owner of TNA.

    So all of those things are awesome, right?

  46. UNLESS!

    They reveal after the fact that all of AJ's woes were the result of the machinations of Bully to get him out of the picture, as Bully saw AJ as the biggest threat to his elevation.

    Bully led Daniels and Kazarian to Claire Lynch, Bully got in Dixie's ear pre-Aces to plant some doubt, etc.

    It's fabricating a story the way the Flair-Savage WM8 match came about: find challenger, create issue. But it could still work to build some tension between Bully and AJ.

  47. They should do a storyline where it's revealed that Bully actually wrote Styles' terrible promo last night, and then Styles would be like "You were the one who wrote that promo that turned the fans against me! Dammit Bully!" And then shit would be ON.

  48. I did like the "I'm better than the Best in the World" line, which I took as a nice little dig at CM Punk.

  49. Well it was obviously MEANT to be a dig but, come on, that just makes Styles look ridiculous. The dude's a career midcarder for a second rate organization in the middle of delivering an embarrassingly bad promo, and he claims to be better than one of the top stars in wrestling? It's foolish, and his own crowd wasn't even into it.

    It'd be like an indie geek doing a promo where he claims to be Mr. Wrestlemania. Would that actually be a dig at HBK?

  50. I agree with everything you said there. I just thought it was a nice touch, given the history between the two. I clearly don't think it's true - CM Punk has a lot more talent than AJ does - but it doesn't mean it's not a dig.

  51. Oh yeah, again we all get what he was trying to do there, but it just makes AJ look silly to even invoke the comparison.

    I will say, that probably would have gone over better in the Impact Zone with all the TNA mutants there. Probably would have gotten a "This is wrestling!" chant.

  52. whoa.....

    Punk is clearly a better talker and a greater character than AJ, but from bell to bell I'll give it to AJ.

  53. what harm will it do?

    They are looking to cut his pay.

  54. I meant overall, whole package - work rate, promos and character.

  55. You never have to apologize for being you, Fuj.

  56. It was still better then HHH/Orton from Monday.....

  57. I'm always amazed people still watch that! Then again I say the same thing about Cops!

  58. At least TNA usually has good matches on their show. As opposed to RAW and it's series of 2-3 minute matches with 50/50 booking. I really don't see the hype in the rehash of the HHH/Foley/Rock storyline WWE is doing either. How long till we get a pink slip on a pole match with DB and Ziggler?

  59. Cops is an amazing show and you can't tell me anything differently.

  60. I liked it. It summed up his issues with the company, it explained his actions last week, it explained what he wants to do going forward. I really didn't think it was bad like most others seemed to think it was and I rarely pay attention to what live fans chant.

  61. Yeah, it's Russo style - let's set the ground rules, and then change them afterwards to get the result we wanted all along. Only with Russo he does it because he thinks complicated=ratings, and with TNA it's because they can't sit in a room for a couple of hours with a calculator and map out the booking of the BFA series.

  62. Should've cut it years ago.

  63. "How long till we get a pink slip on a pole match with DB and Ziggler?" That's an amazing criticism of WWE, considering "something on a pole" and "pinkslip" matches are a TNA trope. They just did a pinkslip-10-men-tag match LAST WEEK. So yeah, very astute observation.

    Also, match quality on current WWE TV is pretty awesome right now, and has been for a few years. Raw and Smackdown routinely has high-quality, 10-20 minute TV matches involving Bryan, Shield, Orton, Christian, Del Rio, Punk etc etc. Nevermind WWE PPVs blowing TNA's completely out of the water for pure workrate.
    Maybe there was a time when the X-Division and the flippitty floppitty guys gave TNA an advantage in TV workrate, but that time has passed.

    Although that Bully Ray vs Sting main event next week should be 5 stars for sure.

  64. Which will ultimately end in a draw

  65. Well, the most straight forward harm would be that TNA doesn't resign him.

    Styles probably means nothing to WWE (though I do think he could make a good replacement under the SIn Cara mask), which would leave him with indies and ROH as his remaining options.

    Not saying Styles should just bend over and take a pay cut— he should totally negotiate for what he thinks is fair, or else go somewhere else— but shooting on the company on their live air wouldn't help his situation.

  66. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonAugust 30, 2013 at 11:22 AM

    It reminds me of the old Mtv Rock n' Jock games where they had the 20 point basket.

  67. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonAugust 30, 2013 at 11:26 AM

    He can't do the Sin Cara thing without totally redoing his look. That tat doesn't help him.

  68. But they're still channelling a storyline from 99/00, so I expect them to just follow it along with no major changes other then the players. That's a big problem in wrestling, and hell most forms of entertainment, everything has been seen and done before. It's hard for anyone to come up with new and exciting ideas. Look how many movies are sequels or reboot nowadays? It's the same thing in wrestling, everything has been done to death, and we just recycle it. The "pink slip" match last week worked because Devon was leaving and that was a great way to get rid of him. Better then him just disappearing and no one notices, or doing the match and he's back next week.

    As for match quality on WWE TV, yes they do have good matches, but they have 7 hours a week to fill (RAW[3], SD[2], Superstars[1], Main Event[1]) so they damn well better. But in seven hours they may have about 30 minutes of solid good matches. That's about 8% of the entire week's run of programming. Using that same formula, TNA only needs about 10 minutes of good and they surpass that.

    We had three pretty good matches this week on Impact, which is a pretty good amount. TNA has the talent then can put on good matches Aries, Storm, Roode, Kaz, Daniels, AJ, etc. Hell, I expect a fun match with Sting and Bully, for Sting's age he's still fun to watch in the ring. Bully has improved big time over the years, and is at his most entertaining since he was in the original ECW. The push he is getting in TNA is the push he should have got in WWE when they first broke up the Dudleys with the draft.

    I've been watching TNA since day one and have never missed a show/PPV, but I've been watching WWF/WWE since the late 70s, and again never missed anything. I've never walked away from the shows even at their worst (early 90s, The Benoit stuff, etc). I'd love to see TNA and even ROH make a successful WCW 97 style run and give WWE a kick in the ass. I'd love to see WWE as exciting and innovative as it was in 99. I love wrestling, always have and always will and I miss the days of the Monday Night Wars and seeing the amazing competition between the companies. I think TNA and ROH should merge and get some of the other small companies together and try to be like old school NWA. Have territories and regional titles, with one main champion, I think something like that could work.

    I've gone off on a tangent, but I just wanted to point out I'm not knocking the current product, I just want to see more good solid matches. Not like WWE doesn't have the time available to get some of the other guys on TV. When was the last time we saw Yoshi Tatsu or Curt Hawkins or Camacho on TV? With seven hours everyone should get a chance to get out there.

  69. Aha, so you're the person still watching it! ;-) Are you the same person keeping Jerry Springer employed?

  70. True. Well the Sin Cara gimmick is dead anyway, no matter who's under there.

    Maybe AJ could come in as "El Phenominono"? Or "El Stylistico"? Either way, I honestly think that putting him under a mask and giving him a non-speaking gimmick would be his best bet in WWE.

  71. A bad segment in WWE is usually 15-20 minutes, and feels like an eternity.

    A bad segment in TNA is usually under 10 minutes, and is quickly forgotten. It's when multiple segments tank that TNA is in trouble.

    I can watch a below-average Impact, and still be amazed when the first time I glance at the clock is well into the second hour (9:30 last night, for the record). The last couple times I tried to watch RAW, I was looking at the clock within the first hour.

    As much crap TNA's getting right now, and most of it is deserved in some fashion, they still put together a nicely paced program.

  72. First off, I'm sure in the end we'd probably share a lot of the same opinions on wrestling, and just seem to have a minor quibble about WWE vs TNA quality. That said, to a few of your points above:
    - For me, I don't care about the similarities between the Bryan vs Corporation and the '99 Corporation storylines because, really, both are just examples of "superhero vs villainous organization" storylines which is pretty much the go to story throughout wrestling history. I mean, what was the '99 Corporation other than a souped up version of the Heenan Family? Austin was Hogan, Vince was Heenan. But all that mattered was that it worked. And for me this current storyline works (for the same reasons that Punk vs Heyman Guys is so awesome too) because Bryan is an awesome hero, and HHH/Orton have become great strong villains, and the crowd loves the hero and wants to see him win. And based on the players involved (Bryan, Orton, Shield, eventually Dolph) the matches should be awesome. Now compare that to the Aces & 8s storyline (TWO YEARS IN) which features no hero that anyone cares about, a gang of bumbling weak villains, and a slew of bad workers on the heel side.
    Both are similar stories, except one is done well and one isn't. That's all that matters.
    - As for your TV match quality point, let's throw Superstars and Main Event out of the equation, since those are the WWE C and D shows. Instead I'd argue that you could take the average episode of Smackdown OR the average episode of Raw, and you'd still have better match quality on either of those than on an average Impact. Just last week Smackdown featured really good, long matches between Bryan and Barrett in a cage, and Del Rio vs Christian. This past week on Raw you had Christian vs Orton and an insane Bryan vs Rollins match, and a good Del Rio vs RVD match. Plus a solid Punk-Axel match that had an awesome old school beatdown segment afterwards. You can't count match quality as an advantage for Impact over Raw or Smackdown because, well, it's not true. Raw and Smackdown routinely feature 2-3 really good long matches on each episode, between bigger stars and in front of hotter crowds.
    There was a time when Raw would be filled with celebrity guest host skits and quickie John Cena matches in the mains, meanwhile Impact would have lots of hot undercard matches. But that isn't the case anymore.
    - Lastly, Sting isn't ok or fun in the ring anymore, he's completely washed up and terrible. The last one on one TV match I remember seeing Sting in was that #1 Contender match against Morgan, and it was embarrassing. Bully's gotten teh character stuff down and is really entertaining, for sure, but this match is gonna be the shits. Or at least it shouldn't be counted as an example of Impact be the "wrestling show".

    Anyway, sorry if I'm seeming overly combatative. I agree with you that I'd love TNA to be awesome, because I too loved the days when WCW was providing a quality "other" wrestling show. But I really just think that TNA is creatively in the shitter right now, and their product mostly sucks, and has since they fucked things up around BFG last year.

  73. Eh, I just completely disagree with this whole "Impact is nicely paced" argument. Yes, the amount of time of an Impact episode is shorter than the amount of time of a Raw episode. But to me the quality within those Impact episode still mostly sucks. Every week there's an awful Aces & 8s promo (Bully himself is good, but his segments are always taken down by all the crap around him), a bad Hogan promo or a bad STing promo, and other forgettable promos from the regulars that lead nowhere. (Have Bobby Roode or James Storm had a storyline this year? Roode's been booked as a heel jobber all year, and STorm is less over now than he was in beer Money.) And then some matches that are sometimes good, sometimes not, but overall suffer from the same exact 50/50 booking of WWE at their worst.

    Seriously, has anyone been consistently getting a push on Impact? Does anything ever matter on this show?

    What I'm saying is, I disagree about Impact being some better paced version of Raw. To me its a significantly worse wrestling show that does nothing to differentiate itself.

  74. But it wasn't on the format sheet! What are we supposed to do?

  75. Punk basically did the exact same thing in his Summer of Punk promo and it made him the hottest thing in the company.


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