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Tryout: Alexander Miezin

TNA Impact Wrestling Special: Hardcore Justice 2013

Welcome everyone to my tryout. I am Alexander Miezin. I am 25 years old and I have been watching Pro Wrestling since I was in diapers. I don't currently watch WWE as I cannot stand the product, but I have been a diehard TNA fan since its inception. Cue the laughter... Anyways Hardcore Justice is tonight and I can't wait for this show to start. After recently watching some of the NJPW G1 Climax 23 matches, my standards have increased!

Storylines heading into Hardcore Justice:

-Tito Ortiz returned to TNA as the August 1st mystery man surprising no one and making no one happy. I think it did a lot more harm than good. We aren't sure which side he is on or if why exactly he is in TNA. He said that he will be at Hardcore Justice tonight, so maybe we'll get more out of him than last weeks exchange with Kurt Angle.

-Chris Sabin is set to defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship inside of a steel cage against former champion Bully Ray. If Bully fails to win the belt, he cannot challenge for it again. I like Bully's odds here.

-Bobby Roode joined the Bad Influence combination of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian to form a new stable to shake-up the Bound For Glory Series.

-Tonight there will be a Texas Tornado tag match with the Knockouts Champion Mickie James teaming with Gail Kim to take on ODB and Velvet Sky.

-The 5-on-5 Loser of the Fall Leaves TNA match between the Aces & Eights and the Main Event Mafia has been postponed.

-The Bound For Glory Series continues with two fourway matches. One will be a Tables match featuring: Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode also a Ladder match featuring: Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kazarian vs. AJ Styles. Both matches will be for 20 points. The leaderboard for the BFG Series currently is as follows:

FIRST PLACE: Magnus - 39 Points

1.Samoa Joe - 26 Points

2.Jeff Hardy - 24 Points

3.Mr. Anderson - 24 Points

4.Christopher Daniels - 23 Points

5.AJ Styles – 22 Points

6.Austin Aries -21 Points

7.Hernandez - 7 Points

8.Bobby Roode - 7 Points

9.Kazarian - 2 Points

10.Jay Bradley - 0 Points

11.Joseph Park - -3 Points

Onto the show!

We are “Live” aka one hour tape delay from Norfolk, VA.

Viewer Discretion advised. Looks like the ladder match is up first.

Ladder Match for 20 Points in the Bound For Glory Series: Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

This is going to be good. Very good. AJ gets cheered heavily. Jeff Hardy gets a pretty nice reaction as well. Not sure whom this match favors. Tenay and Taz are on commentary tonight unlike last week. Bell sounds and we are underway. Kazarian goes straight for the ladder. The three others dare him to come in the ring. AJ and Hardy separate while Kazarian and Aries fight over the ladder. Aries jumps from the top to the floor on Kazarian with the double sledge. Hardy dropkicks Aries in the face. Styles slingshot crossbody block to the floor onto Hardy. Kazarian in the ring sets up the ladder. Hardy pulls him off. Kazarian tries dashing up the ladder, doesn't work. Aries rips him off and crotches him into the ladder! Hardy and Aries are in the ring slugging it out. Aries takes the advantage with forearms. Hardy fights back, Aries gets sent to the floor. Styles pulls the ladder away from Jeff. The two stare down. Styles gets shoulder blocked by Kazarian. Slingshot DDT back into the ring by Kazarian onto AJ. Aries forearms Kazarian. Styles sent to the floor by Aries. Aries sets up the ladder in the middle. Hardy pulls his way back to his feet. Hardy pulls Aries off the ladder with punches. Aries corners Hardy with more forearms then slams his knees into Hardy's leg. Kazarian sends AJ into the ring post. THUMP! That was LOUD. Aries is climbing the ladder and gets near the top before Jeff takes him back down. Aries is getting punches in the corner by Hardy. Kazarian and AJ still on the outside. Taz complains that no Aces guys are in the match. Boots by Hardy to Aries. Suplex attempt blocked. Aries strikes Hardy in the back. Aries claps Kazarian and Styles' heads. Hardy and Aries both at the top of the ladder. It tips over sending them into Kazarian and AJ that were standing on the ring apron. All four are down as we head to commercial.

Aries climbing the ladder is stopped by Kazarian who sends him head first into the ladder. The ladder is bent up! Kazarian gets dumped to the floor and a ladder dropkicked by Aries into the face. AJ knocks down Aries. Elbow by AJ. AJ springboard forearm into Aries! Aries rolls to the ramp. Styles sets up the ladder and is stopped by Aries. This is going to get nasty. AJ, Aries, and Hardy get nailed by a ladder using Kazarian. Dual ladders are setup. All four fighting. All four are on the ladders! Punches galore! Styles is touching it! SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB from Aries to Hardy! Oh man. Eye rake sends AJ off the ladder. Kazarian knocked off the ladder. Clothesline by AJ. All four are down in the ring. Dropkick to AJ's face by Aries via a sprint. This is awesome chant breaks out. I agree. Aries and Hardy climb the ladder. Hardy knocked off. Styles Clash attempted by AJ onto Aries, but Kazarian hits a Mic Check type move to them both! Kazarian and Hardy climb the ladder now. Aries dropkicks the ladder sending them both down! Aries sets up the ladder now. Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels are coming down the ramp distracting Aries. AJ springboards himself onto the ladder. Aries and Styles get thrown off the ladder onto another ladder setup in the corner by Jeff Hardy. Kazarian's back eats the ladder. Twist of Fate by Hardy to Kazarian! Hardy is ready to climb the ladder. Roode slides in and pulls Hardy down. Kick to Roode's face. Kazarian throws an APPLETINI into Hardy's face! Kazarian retrieves the clipboard and wins 20 point!

Winner: Kazarian via retrieval in about 17 minutes

Rating: ***3/4

The new faction celebrates on the ramp.

The steel cage title match gets plugged as the Main Event Mafia is headed the ring in their suits.

Chris Sabin gets interviewed by the roving interview man. “How do you prepare for this match?” Sabin says one of his favorite moments was when Team 3D put opponents thru flaming tables. Sabin says the doubt fuels him to retain tonight.

Dixie Carter is in the ring with the Main Event Mafia. She brings up Kurt Angle entering rehab. He has everyone's support. The crowd cheers loudly. Get better Kurt. We love you! Give him a smooch Dixie. The Aces and Eights music hits. They come down the ramp. No more outside entrances, I guess. It's been awhile. Next week it's Loser of the Fall Leaves TNA. VP Mr. Anderson says they have a week to come up with a replacement. Anderson tells them that they are excited. He runs down each Mafia member one by one on ending their careers next week. Crowd goes bananas for Sting. “Remember that Magnus guy, hell of a body, hell of a future. He was going to be the future of Impact Wrestling.” I bet we are saying that in five years anyways. Magnus says he's going to punch Anderson in his mouth. Crowd chants “YOU SUCK!” towards Anderson. Norfolk is Mafia country. Magnus says that if they can't find someone in the back, they will get someone from the audience. They pan the camera around the crowd and show a guy that looks exactly like Joseph Park. Classic. Anderson yells at the crowd to shut up. Tonight Bully Ray regains the World title. Next week, Aces ends one of the Mafia. The two groups brawl! That's how you promote a fight. Aces and Eights music plays as they celebrate their beat down.

Tito Ortiz is here. What's going on? Three way Knockouts match? I thought it was a tag match? No Velvet = me happy! Better wrasslin'.

Non-Title Hardcore Knockouts Match: Mickie James vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB

I assume it's non-title? ODB dominates both of them with her powerful upper body. Mickie and Gail eat cleavage. Kim and James double team ODB. Gail Kim mounts and punches OB. Mickie gets a chair. Uh oh. Gail and Mickie fight over it. ODB kicks the chair into Gail's face. Neckbreaker by Mickie James to ODB. Chair wedged in the corner. The two heels whip ODB into the chair. They are fighting over the pin now. Roll up by Mickie on Gail gets two. The heels explode! They trade blows. Mickie tosses Gail to the floor. No Surrender is announced for next month. Gail pulls ODB to the floor. ODB looks out of it. ODB is rolled back into the ring. Gail is looking for weapons. Mickie sends her head first into the ring post. Common theme tonight. Mickie has a Kendo stick. Mickie smashes ODB's back with it! Mickie chokes ODB in the corner with her big stick. ODB throws her off the top rope. ODB swings the Kendo stick at both of her opponents. ODB pulls her bra off? She chokes Mickie with it. Wow. Chokes Gail next with it. She's hanging Gail Kim with her bra! Mickie breaks it up. ODB gets thrown into the ring post. Figure four on the ring post by Gail Kim to ODB. Mickie pulls ODB's arm stretching her out more. Mickie and Gail are back in each other's faces. ODB drinks her liquid courage and spits it in Mickie's face. Gail hits ODB with the stick. ODB grabs the chair and tosses it to the ring mat. BAM! Death Valley Driver onto Gail Kim gets three for ODB!

Winner: ODB in about 7 minutes

Rating: **

Sting is angry in the back with the Mafia. They NEED a replacement. Joe says one of their careers could be on the line “tonight”? Mess up. Sting goes to recruit Aries.

Austin Aries is shown sitting in the locker room when Sting approaches him. Sting knows that Aries hates the Aces and Eights. Sting asks him to join them next week. Sting wants him to be a pat of the family next week. Aries smiles. No answer, just a smile.

Recap from the ladder match earlier with Kazarian winning 20 BFG Series points.

Bobby Roode backstage drinking water says timing is everything. He aligned himself with Kazarian and Daniels to take over the BFG Series. Roode will be in second place if he wins tonight. It pays to be Roode!

The rest of the Mafia is in the back. Rampage mumbles about someone. Sting comes back to the dressing room. Aries said no. Rampage has a solution. He's going to address it in the ring right now. Rampage and Joe are headed to the ring. Stay tuned.

Preview video for the World Heavyweight Championship cage match is aired showing Sabin's triumphant victory over Bully Ray about a month ago.

Bully Ray is on the phone with Brooke Hogan in the back. Next week is about them. They are going to celebrate. I wonder if it really is Brooke? Next week they tell the world the truth. “I love you, too Brooke.” Hulk's going to be mad. No more lotion rubbing for him.

Rampage Jackson and Samoa Joe come down the ramp. Rampage wearing a camo suit jacket. Nice. Rampage has the mic and asks the crowd what's up. It's no secret he's new here. Still talks better than most the roster. MMA fans called him a sellout. He loves TNA. He's a part of a family with the Mafia. He didn't come to get his butt kicked by punks on a moped. He's going to ask Tito Ortiz to be their partner next week! Here comes the Huntington Beach Bad Boy! Tito is dressed like he's five. Rampage promotes their Bellator fight. Of course. Rampage says they've trained together. They know what each brings to the table. Rampage is really good at talking. They need Ortiz's help to take out the Aces. Ortiz wants to get things straight. Crowd is bonkers! Let's make history, Rampage asks. Ortiz has kicked many of “butts” around the world. Crowd wants him to do it. Bully Ray comes to the ring with Tito's entrance music? Another mess up. Bully laughing at them in the ring. Bully tells them that if he didn't have to win his title back tonight that he'd beat the “piss” out of them tonight. There would be no big Bellator PPV event. Bully has Rampage's number. He calls Tito “BLONDIE! “ Bully will make Tito his “HUNTINGTON BEACH BITCH!” Tito snaps and his held back by Rampage and Joe. I guess Tito is in! Anderson heads the ring for the tables bout.

Tables Match for 20 Points in the Bound For Glory Series: Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe vs. Magnus

Updated leaderboard has Kazarian up to 6th place. Roode is met on the ramp by Magnus. Magnus punches Roode multiple times in the face. Anderson and Joe are going for the tables. Magnus with a big chop to Roode. Joe sends Anderson into the guardrail. Roode connects with a boot to Magnus' face. Roode to the floor attacks Samoa Joe. Roode slides a table in the ring. Roode concentrates on Magnus now. Roode sets up the table in the corner. Joe gets in the ring Joe blocks Magnus from going in the table. Snap slam by Joe to Rooder. Anderson beats on Joe. Magnus won't allow it. Magnus catches a kick from Anderson. Clothesline from Magnus follows. Roode attacks Magnus from behind and chokes him with his boot. Roode sets up the table again. Magnus exchanges with Roode. Joe and Magnus double team Roode with a knee and senton splash. Ah, the memories. Roode and Anderson beat on the former tag team but now Mafia members. Roode sets another table up on the outside. All four are outside of the ring on opposite sides. Joe with Roode and Magnus with Anderson. Anderson's face gets smashed into the table. Joe puts the ring bell on Roode's nether region and rings it! Anderson tries to Mic Check Magnus off the ramp through the table but it gets reversed. More ring bell from Joe! MORE RING BELL! Low blow by Anderson to Magnus to save himself. Joe chops the Canadian out of Roode. Magnus gets his head slammed into the table. Headbutt by Joe to Anderson. Joe sets up Anderson in the corner of the guardrails the runs his boot into his face! Man, this is really good stuff. Magnus and Roode are in the ring with a table propped in the corner. Double R Spinebuster to Magnus from Roode. Roode kicks Magnus many times in the stomach. Anderson slides Joe in the ring. All four are back in. Roode and Anderson argue a bit. They are going to work together. Doesn't work. Joe goes thru the ropes with the Suicide Dive to the floor onto Roode! Magnus nails Anderson with a slam in the ring. The crowd is on their feet. Magnus sets the table up in the middle. Mic Check by Anderson to Magnus! Anderson claps mocking Magnus. Joe puts Anderson on the top rope. Muscle Buster, but the table is moved by Roode. Roode sets it back up. Magnus is laying on the table. Roode climbs to the top rope. Joe kocks him down. Chops to Roode. Kazarian is out and grabs Joe! Magnus climbs the top with Roode. Daniels throws the Appletini in the eyes on Magnus! Powerbomb from Roode on Magnus through the table! Roode wins!

Winner: Bobby Roode in about 11 minutes

Rating: ***1/2

After another stellar match, Roode, Daniels, and Kazarian celebrate on the ramp again. Main event is next!

They are setting up the cage old WWF style showing the workers putting it together.

Sting is asked backstage by the roving man about Tito. Tito is an asset for them right now. Sting says it is going to work next week.

September 12th will be the No Surrender event for FREE with the semi-finals and finals of the Bound For Glory Series! Wahoo! Thank you TNA!

The World Champion Chris Sabin is getting pumped up backstage. Bully is upset with Anderson. Anderson tells him to win tonight. They argue over the hammer incident that happened in Sabin vs. Bully I. Bully yelled for help. Anderson wants to help him.

The cage is up! Next week, Hardcore Justice continues with Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Park vs Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley in a Street Fight for 20 points as well as the 5-on-5 match.

Steel Cage Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship; if Bully Ray does not win, he cannot challenge for the TNA title ever again: Chris Sabin © vs. Bully Ray

Jeremy Borash does the introductions, one of the best things in Pro Wrestling today. Lots of time left for this one. They lock up. Bully slams the champion with authority. Sabin gets up and pushes Bully. They lock it up again. Same result. Bully is going to bust Sabin's face and take his title, he says. Lock up for a third time. Bully overpowers Sabin. Bully slams him for a third time. Bully misses a slap. Arm drags by Sabin. Running forearms from Sabin. Delayed hanging dropkick from Sabin to Bully. Sabin tries escaping. Crossbody off the cage onto Bully. Escape is allowed in this match. Sabin dropkicks Bully's knee. Sabin climbs to the top rope, but gets crotches. More chops. Ouch! Bully chokes Sabin on the top rope with his boot. Military Press throws Sabin into the cage from Ray. Commercial break.

We are back with Bully dominating the champion, still. Bully throws Sabin into the cage again. Just tossing him. Back and forth. Bully challenges Sabin to punch him. Headbutt from Bully. Bully hits an elbow drop. Two count for Bully Ray. Punch from Bully. Crossface punches dedicated to Taz from Bully Ray. Taz loves it. Sabin rallies back with forearms. Sabin keeps trying to pick up Bully and fails. Sabin backslides Bully for a two count. Clothesline from Bully Ray. Punches to the ear by Bully Ray. Ray gets in Brian Hebner's face. Bearhug by Bully Ray in the middle of the ring. Elbows by Sabin to fight his way out. Sabin gets back bodydropped while running off the ropes. Bully yells for him to get up. Bully tries to powebomb Sabin, but Sabin reverses into a sleeper hold. Taz yells for wrist control. Bully backs Sabin into the turnbuckle breaking the hold. Boots by Sabin. Tornado DDT from Sabin. Both men are out. Crowd is clapping to get them to their feet. Punches vs. chops. Sabin is getting DRILLED. Sabin has the advantage. Enzuguri! Sabin rips off Sabin's vest. Death Valley Drive from Sabin! Sabin is pumped up! He's going nuts. He whips Bully Ray with the leather vest! LOUDNESS. Sabin gets destroyed with a boot from Bully for a two count. Samoan drop from Bully gets two. Bully begins climbing the cage. Sabin hits him in the back. They are both on the top rope. Kicks by Sabin. Top rope hurricanana semi-botches hurts Bully's shoulder. He screams in agony. Hail Sabin attempt won't work. Suplex by Bully Ray. Bully tries to go out of the door. Sabin brings him back in. Sabin runs between Bully's legs and tries to get out and can't. Hebner is KO'd twice by a boot and a splash into the cage. Sabin dropkicks Bully Ray headfirst into the cage Sabin goes to the top rope and missile dropkicks Bully. Sabin covers, but the referee is out. The door is still open. Sabin crawls towards it. Mr. Anderson slams the door in Sabin's face! Anderson blocks the exit. Anderson shouts, “You shall not pass!” Greatness. The Mafia runs down forcing him to unblock the door. Tito nails Rampage with the hammer in the head! Bully Ray powerbombs Sabin to win the title! New champion!

Winner: and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray in about 18 minutes

Rating: ***1/2

Bully Ray and Tito Ortiz begin hugging each other. Tenay is upset with the cheap shot. Tito stands there with the hammer. Rampage is out cold. Anderson, Ortiz, and the new World Champion Bully Ray pose to close the show.

Overall Show Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Always cool to read different reviews. Your play by play is really detailed and easy to follow. If you're looking for some constructive criticism its a bit dry. You could put in some more of your own thoughts or opinions about what's happening in the match. Either way good job.

    I think you underrated the Hardy match by at least a quarter star. It was really good. What made you drop it under 4 stars? And I thought the title match was more like 2.5 and went 5 minutes too long. (Not a criticism of your review, just my opinion on the quality of the two matches I saw)

  2. If you don't mind the advice - go easier on the exclamation points. Every match recap ended with 3-4 sentences in a row with exclamation points. It's almost impossible to capture the excitement of the actual finish in writing form anyway.

  3. Was there anyone actually suprised by Tito's 'turn' on Rampage? I saw it coming a mile away just reading these recaps.

  4. Though I prefer WWE over TNA in every way, it would be better to have someone who is impartial and not "I hate WWE and only watch TNA because it is AWESOME!!!!"...I'd pass on this guy and find someone who is a fan or pro-wrestling and not one company or another...

  5. I like this review. Pretty clear cut and right to the point. Gave me, as a reader, a great description of everything that went down. I really like this. Plus, keeping it simple with the star ratings. I like the star system for rating matches.

    Excellent job, Alexander. I hope to see you continue doing this Impact recap next week!

  6. Yeah, I'd rather not have a fanboy as my reviewer.

  7. How does he sound like a fanboy? Miezin criticized the Ortiz signing and was happy that Velvet Sky was on the show because, in his opinion, is a poor wrestler.

    That does not sound like a fanboy.

  8. The only thing that kinda surprised me was that he turned this week, I guess I was expecting it next week in the Loser Leaves TNA match. But yeah, it was obvious he was turning eventually.

  9. I really liked the review as well.

  10. The only thing that seemed 'fanyboyish' to me was something I mentioned in a prior post - all the exclamation points, which to me seemed like it was trying to 'inflate' the excitement level.

    But overall I liked it. I don't really read it as a fanboy piece. Overall he seemed to leave his opinions out of the recaps and just stuck to portraying what happened in the ring.

  11. I agree with you about the exclamation points. And as you said, I really like the fact that he just kept it simple and got to the point of what was happening.

    I like seeing a writer show enthusiasm in his reviews, I think it makes for a good read.

  12. Also, in case your wondering, Daniels said that their new groups name is the Extraordinary Gentlemen's Organization(or E.G.O.).

  13. Liked the way you opened the review, very helpful. Your enthusiasm is nice too, there's going to be plenty of snarky/cynical comments in the comments and live thread anyway.

  14. Caliber_Winfield_The_3rdAugust 16, 2013 at 3:25 PM

    I'm all about new blood, and I personally want a fan boy as a reviewer. Finding a wrestling fan with something negative to say isn't exactly a rarity.

    My only advice is to leave a small section to give an explanation to your rating. I've never in my entire life read a wrestling match recap. I always skip to the star rating and what they thought. However, you didn't have that. So, that's the only thing I would add. It would be kind of like a movie review where someone told you about the movie's plot, then just gave a thumbs up or thumbs down, without explaining why.

    But if you're happy with the way you're doing things, then by all means.

    I hope you stick around. Good luck.



  16. I'm actually joking, I think it's a great review.

  17. I enjoy the enthusiasm, but this line is pure fan-boy:

    "September 12th will be the No Surrender event for FREE with the semi-finals and finals of the Bound For Glory Series! Wahoo! Thank you TNA!"

    The next PPV is Bound for Glory, so logic would dictate that the series would conclude on free TV... this shouldn't have come as a surprise and is no need for praise of the company.

    I would be interested in hearing why you love watching TNA (and are obviously into all of the storylines) and hate WWE? I saw that point of view in 2005 when TNA was putting on stellar PPVs and WWE was floundering... but do you realize that you get a couple solid-to-great 20 minute matches on WWE TV every week now?

  18. "Do you realise that you like different things than me, and how wrong that is?"

  19. I like it too. It's easy to tell what's going on and it's easy to follow.

  20. I read the first half and skimmed the rest because I have to go in a minute.
    I like it, and I hope to see more from you. I especially like the intro where you set up the angles. That's nice.
    Any critisism is minor, and would echo other comments here - 1. you could probably cut back on the exclamation points, and 2. I would like to see your thoughts on the match as well as just a star rating. Even if you gave some opinion on the show as a whole at the end of the review, and not each match individually, that would be fine too.
    Other than that, great job.

  21. He went to the Stan Lee school of punctuation.

  22. Good stuff. Hope you stick around.

  23. The Wahoo! Thanks, TNA! was a bit much, but otherwise, this was Perfectly Acceptable Reviewing. ** 1/2.

  24. I think we have a keeper, great job bud.


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