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NXT - September 11, 2013

Date: September 11, 2013
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: William Regal, Tony Dawson

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

The main story at the moment is Sami Zayn vs. Bo Dallas after Bo cost Sami a match against Jack Swagger last week. Sami is one of the most over guys in NXT and is more than ready for the main roster. Other than that we have the continuing adventures of Mason Ryan vs. LeFort and company which are at least getting Rusev over. Let's get to it.

Welcome Home.

Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady vs. Alexander Rusev/Scott Dawson

Enzo goes on a rant about how Dawson and Rusev are SAWFT and the fans eat it up. Dawson is now called Captain Roughneck in a nod to Dick Murdoch. Enzo starts with Dawson with Amore hitting a quick let hand and running off to Cassady. The 7'0 Cassady takes over on the 5'9 Dawson and pounds him down before bringing Enzo back in.

Dawson wastes no time in spinning Amore inside out with a clothesline. Off to Rusev to destroy Enzo with pure power. There's something awesome about a monster destroying a small man. Back to Dawson who knocks Colin off the apron and plays Neidhart to Rusev's Bret in a Hart Attack (with a spinwheel kick instead of a clothesline), but that's a DQ on Rusev and Dawson at 3:35 for being in the ring too long.

Rating: D. Nothing to see here but Rusev continues to look good. I still don't get the appeal of Dawson but he's much better as a singles guy than he was in the tag team with Dylan. Amore is one of those guys who needs to stay out of the ring as he's so much better on the mic than he is at wrestling.

Here's Bo Dallas with something to say. The white pants and black vest with the long hair already make me want to punch him. He thanks all of the Bo-lievers for all of their well wishes have made him believe he can fly. Last week he was just down there to cheer Zayn on because Sami needs a mentor. Bo says he's medically cleared to wrestle Sami but not for the title because he's not completely healed up. When in doubt, don't stop Bo-lieving.

CJ Parker talks about Tyler Breeze hording sticks like a beaver while Parker wants to spread the sticks everywhere. Breeze jumps him and takes a photo. Parker still doesn't do it for me.

Sasha Banks vs. Paige

Banks is being corrupted by the dark side of the Divas in the form of Summer Rae. I thought this was for the title but it wasn't announced as such. The fans chant Happy Birthday to Paige in a nice gesture. Paige sends her throat first into the ropes a few times before blocking an attempt at the same thing from Sasha. Nice touch. Sasha comes back with a victory roll for two and a reverse waistlock. Paige drives her into the corner for some back elbows to the face ala Matt Morgan. Banks sends her face first into the buckle as we take a break.

Back with Paige in a reverse chinlock followed by a rear naked choke. Paige fights up but gets caught by a back elbow to the jaw for two. We go back to the chinlock with a bodyscissors from Sasha for a very long time until Paige fights up into a rollup for two. Back to the chinlock which has probably been half of the match so far. Paige gets out again and comes back with a release fisherman's suplex to put Banks down. Ten knees to the chest put Banks down but Paige misses a dropkick, only to roll through a cross body to pin Sasha at 7:42 shown of 11:12.

Rating: C. This was nothing great but Sasha isn't the best in the ring. The long stretches of chinlockery here didn't help much either as the match dragged on way too long as a result. The girls here are still much more interesting than the WWE girls but the division could use some fresh faces.

Post match Paige offers a handshake but Sasha beats her down instead.

In the back, Sasha tells Summer how great that felt.

Xavier Woods vs. Leo Kruger

Woods chases Kruger out to the floor but Leo snaps Xavier's throat over the middle rope to take over. Back in and Leo hooks an armbar to take over and set up the GC3 later on. Woods finally escapes but and takes Leo down with a headscissors. Kruger bails to the floor, only to miss a dive as we take a break. Back with Kruger stomping away and dropping elbows for two.

Leo pulls at Xavier's face for a bit before it's back to the armbar, this time with hair pulling. It's off to a hammerlock instead now but Woods counters with a Stunner. Back up and Woods hits a dropkick to put Leo down but Kruger comes back with a backbreaker for two. A Jackhammer gets two more for Leo but Woods comes back with some forearms and dropkicks to get a breather.

The Honor Roll rolling clothesline is countered into a nice spinebuster for two. Kruger's Slice misses and Woods hits an enziguri and Lost in the Woods (running Downward Spiral here, though it used to be the name of Gail Kim's Eat Defeat) for two. The second Honor Roll connects and Eat Defeat is good for the pin on Kruger at 10:40 shown of 12:40.

Rating: C. This picked up at the end but it wasn't worth sitting through all that time to get there. The arm work from Kruger didn't go anywhere and Woods' arm seemed fine for the Honor Roll. The match was nothing special though and there's no reason for these guys to be fighting that I can think of. That's fine if the match is really good but it needs more if a match is just ok.

Overall Rating: C-. I know I asked for a weaker show for a change but I'm kind of regretting it now that I've gotten it. Nothing on here was very good, the main event felt like it was thrown together and Sasha is just a placeholder until Summer vs. Paige starts up again. Thankfully this is the last show in a taping cycle so next week should feel fresh. This was their weakest offering in awhile.

Colin Cassady/Enzo Amore b. Alexander Rusev/Scott Dawson via DQ when Rusev and Dawson wouldn't get out of the ring
Paige b. Sasha Banks – Reversed cross body
Xavier Woods b. Leo Kruger – Lost in the Woods

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  1. Omg did you even read what meltzer said. The main event title is different. Getting that is a real achievement. If dean ambrose tattooed his us title win I would think that's stupid and Dave would like say that wrestlers and promoters are calling him a belt mark like aj. If you can't see the distinction between the two I don't know what to tell you. Also I'm not a fan of women's pro wrestling but to me it seems insulting to call the wwe divas division the pinnacle. Go win the shimmer belt (?) and tattoo that

  2. Bo's Honky Tonk Man impression ain't not bad.

  3. I hold my nose while drinking water

  4. And I haven't had hiccups in years, but when I was a kid I could usually get rid of them by putting my chin to my chest and swallowing three times.

  5. I hate poker stories because everyone has them and whether you play 1-2 or 100-200 they all sting. I'll tell this one not because of the poker part but because it ends up with me being permanently banned from The Wynn and being questioned by the cops.

    When I finished undergrad, I had no fucking idea what to do with my life so ended up moving to Vegas for 20 months with a few friends. Would wake up at 11, show some houses for a few hours and did alot of drugs, drank alot of booze and was basically a degenerate during this time. I ended up playing poker alot, essentially as a part time 2nd job to supplement my degenerate habits.

    My best friend from school came out to visit after about 4 months so we sat down at a 10-20 nl table after a day of partying. Im in the SB and hes in the BB and the hand folds around to us. Usually when this happens the blinds take back their money and just move on to the next hand to avoid paying the rake to the house. I look down at JJ and make standard raise. He reraises me and I flat call him. I give him credit for a pair AA-tens or AK or AQ type hand. Flop is QJ2. I bet, he raises. Thinking for sure he has KK at this point I shove 1400 saying "I got a set, fold." He instacalls and flips over QQ. Infuriated I stack off 1400 at less then 6% I start to stsck my chips then...BAM I hit the case jack on the turn. Being all drunk and on drugs im yelling and estatic but at the same time feel bad for my buddy.

    After the hand I start yelling to nobody in particular how im gonna buy my friend "up to 3 blowjobs from 3 different races of girls" for about 5 minutes. The floor comes over and warns me, ok whatever. After getting bored, I then start approaching random girls in the poker room asking if they were hookers and if they had 2 other friends of different races. While most thought it was funny, one was extremely offended and went out and found a cop working the casino telling him I solicited her for prostitution. As this was happening I asked a dealer "if she wanted to give my friend a bj for 100 bucks." After this I was immediately banned from the Wynn and taken to a cop car to talk to the officer if I was soliciting prostitution.

    My friend never did get his 3 promised bjs

  6. Wanna make a bet? I'd bet that the WWE Divas champ makes at least 50% more money than any other non-WWE female wrestler in North America. And I would not be shocked if that number was close to 100%.

    Sure, I could go buy an old, ratty "title belt" at a pawn shop, clean it up, and have it considered more "prestigious" than the Divas' title... but sadly that's as good as it gets for female wrestling in North America at the moment.

    As much as I'd love to sing the praises of the Knockouts title in TNA, it's fallen on hard times with a lack of contenders, even though any of them (yes, even Velvet) could out-wrestle most of the Divas.

    The SHIMMER title... again, great wrestlers, NOBODY giving a shit. And that's unfortunate, but still 110% true. They would be a fine model for women's wrestling IF Vince/HHH/Steph/ANYONE in the office gave two shits... but they've spent all their shits on the main event scene. But I digress.

    Japan might be a very different story, but it isn't germane to this discussion.

    ---In summary, one last time: Just because Dave and others (?) consider the Divas title not worthy of celebration doesn't make that vision the absolute truth.

    If AJ wants to celebrate, and consider it the "peak" of her profession, it is (sadly?) a pretty accurate state of women's wrestling in North America today. I'll agree that it isn't on the level of the WWE title, or quite a few titles... BUT IT IS THE BEST SHE CAN DO, SHORT OF BEING TRANSFORMED INTO A HE.

  7. The idea is that, they have the hiccups so they're pre-occupied with that. You ask them their middle name, or some other easy question they definitely know the answer too, but is completely out of left field, they'll almost always say "What?" then they're so focused on wondering what you said, they forget they have the hiccups, and end up not *having* the hiccups, and you're a fucking hero.

  8. How the hell did you end up an ER doc? (I mean that in the most loving way ;-) )

  9. Ha, yea. My friends have repeated that same sentiment numerous times.

  10. Well vkm also tried to fuck Jericho out of his mania payday so meltzer probably knows his shit.

  11. ugh. any idea what the matches are? I try not to spoil this stuff, but this episode was kind of the pits, outside of my enjoyment of jersey trash Enzo Amore talking all the trash and getting immediately curb stomped. Dude could have a tag team future talking big, having catch phrases and then playing guido in peril.
    But yeah, anything good next week?

  12. I drink backwards from a glass.

  13. Zayn vs Curt Hawkins was pretty fun, Zayn can even carry Hawkins to a decent match.

    Aiden English debut was pretty neat as well, interesting character so far. He fought QT Marshall from ROH

    And then a 4 on 4 match that was also pretty fun mainly due to the crowd and Tyler Breeze's interations, Neville/Graves/Parker/Woods vs Ascension/Kruger/Breeze

  14. Next month is going to be crazy for me 2 NXT tapings and a Raw taping here in Orlando

  15. a four man is a good idea, because I don't much care for many of the parties in the ring, but that can be covered up by a big tag format.

  16. If you didnt listen to the audio, then why comment on it like you are an expert on the subject.

  17. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but has Scott Keith stopped reviewing RAW and NXT?

  18. peppermints do the same thing tbh.

    its the constant soothing of your esophagus from the mentholyptus,i think.

    I also believe that cough drops and peppermints can help you stop smoking.


    NXT got pushed down the page a little bit. Didn't really feel like doing RAW this week yet.

  20. Are you going to explain how you did or just leave us in suspense?

  21. In the hand? The "case" jack means the last one in the deck so I turned quads (only time ive ever quaded) and won about 2900 total in the hand.

  22. No, how you became an ER doctor.

  23. Yeah, it's hilarious, right?

  24. Oh. 5.5 years of med school + adderall + studying + red bulls.

  25. And I stopped, for the most part, doing large quantities of drugs and booze. This typically helps

  26. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 16, 2013 at 6:23 AM

    Vince likes to get the taller model-types and turn them into Divas. AJ doesn't fit that.

  27. Charismatic e-Negro Jef VinsonSeptember 16, 2013 at 6:23 AM

    I fixed it. BTW that comment that you chanced wasn't called for.

  28. Yeah, I know. My apologies.


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