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Impact Wrestling - November 21, 2013

Impact Wrestling
Date: November 21, 2013
Location: Impact zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Usually I start each NXT review by saying Welcome Home but it's more appropriate in this case. Tonight is the Turning Point special as we return to the Impact Zone in Orlando. The focus tonight is on the tournament with two tournament matches, but we also get Bully Ray vs. Anderson, with the future of aces and 8's on the line. Let's get to it.

We open with an Impact365 video of Roode attacking Storm at a bar last night.

We get an opening video recapping both the tournament matches as well as Anderson vs. Ray.

Dixie comes up to Joe in the back and says she's been watching last week's show and threatens to fire Joe if he ever takes the same tone that he did last week.

Here's Dixie to open the show. She plugs an article about her in Sports Illustrated before talking about the disdain she feels for AJ Styles. He's taken her intellectual property and misrepresented it around the world. There are lawyers around the world ready to shut him down but here's James Storm for an interruption. Storm says he wants some revenge on Roode but doesn't think the bullrope he has is going to do enough damage.

He wants to use chairs (Dixie: “No.”), tables (“No!”) and the old woman's dentures if he can get them out of his mouth. Storm wants it to be a Florida death match but Dixie says the Wheel has spoken. James says that's cool, because he can call the police and change his minds about filing charges and drop out of the tournament. Dixie still says no, so Storm asks all politely and gets what he wants.

TNA World Title Tournament First Round: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

Falls count anywhere. Joe pops upon the screen and says he wants to start the fight in the back. Magnus heads backstage and we take a break. This is joined in progress in the back with Joe throwing Magnus through various objects. Apparently that was a replay and we cut back to the stage with Magnus getting two off an elbow drop. They head to ringside with Joe taking over via some right hands before taking Magnus down with a running boot to the face.

Magnus avoids the backsplash though and peppers Joe with forearms and uppercuts. Joe snaps off the powerslam for two but walks into the Michinoku Driver. Magnus loads up the top rope elbow but Joe stops him with a chop. A superplex is blocked and Magnus knees him in the chest to put Joe on the mat. Now the top rope elbow connects for two but Joe kicks away from the Kingsley Cloverleaf. The Rock Bottom out of the corner puts Magnus down on the floor and the suicide elbow takes Magnus out again for two.

The Brit sends Joe into the barricade and pulls out a chair which he wedges between the bottom and middle rope. Joe reverses a whip into the chair and hooks the Koquina Clutch but Magnus rams him back first into the apron. Magnus ducks a charging Samoan to send Joe head first into the chair for the pin at 7:11.

Rating: D+. There were some decent moments in this but for the most part the stipulation meant nothing at all. That ending could have happened just as easily in the ring and the backstage brawl part was nothing special. This would have been much better as a regular match or a No DQ match but it wasn't horrible.

Here's Bad Influence to watch the Joseph Park vs. Abyss match.

Joseph Park vs. Abyss

Park says he's here to face his brother for the first time only, meaning that this is his turning point. Naturally there's no Abyss, so Bad Influence says Park isn't a good story of someone coming up from the bottom. He's a jar of mayonnaise with a law degree and a cheap track suit.

The reason Park's mom Bernice, his dad Alfredo and his great great grandfather Jurassic aren't here tonight is because he's such an embarrassment. Daniels asks if Park wants to fight but thinks we need blood first. Kazarian pours a bucket of red liquid over Park and Daniels asks where Abyss is. Daniels demands that a loser like Park get out of the ring right now and Park walks away very sad.

Gail Kim vs. Candice Larea

Candice is another newcomer and is a good looking blonde. Gail runs her over to start and gets two off a running dropkick in the corner. Larea comes back with a headscissors and a sunset flip before awkwardly running into the corner. Kim forearms her a lot and catches a hurricanrana in a sitout powerbomb for two. Eat Defeat is enough for the pin on Candice at 1:52.

AJ Styles video from his time in Japan.

Anderson promises that Aces and 8's are done tonight.

Gunner gives Storm a pep talk before his match.

We recap Storm vs. Roode. They were partners for years until Roode turned heel on Storm to win the title. A long running feud and series of matches followed.

TNA World Title Tournament First Round: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Florida death match, meaning last man standing. Storm doesn't want to wait and charge sup the ramp to pound on Bobby with a Singapore cane. Roode makes a quick comeback but gets sent into the steps to stop it cold. They head inside with Storm throwing in a garbage can fill of weapons. Storm hits the corner enziguri but his running neckbreaker is countered with a piece of steel to the head.

Storm comes back by driving the trash can between Roode's legs and trying a middle rope sunset flip, only to have Roode roll through and kick him in the chest. A catapult into the corner is blocked though and Storm hits a trashcan to Roode's head twice in a row. Roode is up at 9 but is immediately lifted into the Eye of the Storm which Roode counters into a spinebuster onto the trashcan.

They pound on each other with trashcan lids and both guys go down for a seven count. Roode has a crutch but walks into the Last Call and rolls to the floor. He finds a beer bottle on the floor and smashes Storm in the head but James gets up at nine. Roode clotheslines him down again and hits an Attitude Adjustment through two chairs but Storm is up at nine. Bobby is ticked so he goes under the ring and finds a barbed wire board, which I guess is there just in case a Florida death match broke out. Roode loads up another AA but Gunner comes out to throw in the towel and end the match at 12:00.

Rating: C+. The match was better than a bullrope match would have been but the ending was much more about setting up a future program than the match itself. On top of that, Storm loses in ANOTHER big match which does nothing to help his reputation as a choker. Still though, fun brawl.

Post break Gunner pleads his case but Storm is still furious.

Here are the updated brackets:



Your time wasting segment of the week is a look at Samuel Shaw's apartment and his artwork. The segment finishes filming and Shaw asks Christy out. She says yes and gives her his number before leaving. Shaw makes sure to straighten the notepad and pens she moved. Apparently he's OCD.

Ethan Carter III has brought his personal jobbers here again but isn't facing them again because there's no challenge. Instead he's facing a TNA legend.

Ray talks about taking care of Anderson tonight. TNA turned their backs on Anderson a year ago, but after Ray ends his career, he'll make sure to take care of Anderson's pregnant wife.

Angle is cutting a promo on Magnus when Dixie Carter summons him to her office.

Ethan Carter III vs. Shark Boy

Shark Boy had announced he was coming back tonight on Impact365 earlier this week. Carter bails to the floor for a chase but still avoids an elbow as they get back inside. The Chummer is countered with ease and the One Percenter is good for the pin at 2:06.

We recap Anderson vs. Ray which stemmed from Ray using the club as a way to get himself over and Anderson not being cool with it. Anderson cost Ray a match against Sting and the Bound For Glory rematch against AJ Styles.

Dixie tells Roode and Angle that they'er going to captain teams in an eight man elimination tag match next week.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

No DQ and it's career vs. Aces and 8's. Anderson is in long tights for the first time I can ever remember. The roster comes out to watch the match from the stage. Anderson jumps Ray during big match intros and hits him low while shouting his name a lot. They head to the floor with Ray ramming him into the steps but stopping to breathe a bit. Ray pulls out a table and we take our last break. Back with Anderson being suplexed into the ring and chopped loudly in the corner. There's a table set up in the corner as well.

Ray takes off the chain to whip Anderson even more but Anderson takes the chain away and gets in a few whips of his own. Anderson loads up a big chained fist but gets sent to the floor instead. Ray pulls back the mats but Anderson backdrops Ray onto the concrete instead.

Knux saves Ray from being piledriven on the concrete but gets piledriven down onto the mats for his efforts. Back inside and Anderson hits the rolling senton but Ray fights out of the Mic Check. A spear puts Anderson through the table in the corner but it's only good for two. Tazz hands Brooke the hammer but Anderson intercepts it and blasts Ray in the head. The Mic Check ends Aces and 8's at 13:00.

Rating: C+. Not a bad brawl here but Aces and 8's hasn't meant anything in months so this isn't the biggest deal in the world. I'm glad they're gone for good and it's a good feather in the cap for Anderson, but this is hardly some huge moment that changes wrestling forever. Fun match though.

Anderson gets Ray and Tazz's cuts to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. Most of the matches were good but this didn't feel like anything major at all. The ending was so far overdue that it doesn't even feel like a big deal anymore, but at least it finally happened. As for everything else.....nothing significant really happened. Two first round tournament matches don't feel like anything major to me but at least the wrestling was good for the most part. Not a horrible or even bad show, but it's nothing you need to see at all.

Magnus b. Samoa Joe – Joe rammed his head into a chair
Gail Kim b. Candice Larea – Eat Defeat
Bobby Roode b. James Storm – Gunner threw in the towel
Ethan Carter III b. Shark Boy – One Percenter
Mr. Anderson b. Bully Ray – Mic Check

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  1. Another show that reminds me why I wind up feeling more annoyed than anything by Impact. It's not that it's bad, just that it feels like they leave so much potential in the tank to save time for Dixie Carter and a bunch of other meaningless nonsense. Roode/Storm and Bully/Anderson were both entertaining matches that could have been much better, IMO, especially the former if it had gotten a strong finish. They were hitting stride with a really entertaining brawl and really selling the story of Storm taking a beating, but then it's just...over. To set up a meh midcard angle. That will give Dixie a chance to get on TV and make a match. Yippee!

  2. I remember watching WWF Superstars in french in Qu├ębec with the Mad Dog doing color commentary in the late 80's. He even had a kid show here. The big bad heel with the big voice playing a pirate. Good memories!

  3. "Your time wasting segment of the week is a look at Samuel Shaw's apartment and his artwork. The segment finishes filming and Shaw asks Christy out. She says yes and gives her his number before leaving. Shaw makes sure to straighten the notepad and pens she moved. Apparently he's OCD." this from some other show? Who the fuck is Samuel Shaw?

  4. A Gut Check guy who hasn't been on TV in months.

  5. It's their version of Tout for lack of a better term. Basically it's promos from outside the arena, even though a lot of them are in the arena.

  6. Sounds like I'm not missing much. But glad you do these reviews so I can keep up with TNA without watching it.

  7. Also this is just fantastic and might even deserve its own thread, just so so so funny:

  8. Can Bully Ray go back to being an awesome singles act now?

  9. Who is Christy? Why do we want this guy to go on a date? Why do I want to see him wrestle? WHAT'S GOING ON? WHY SHOULD I CARE?

    I feel old and confused.

  10. Glad to see Candice LeRae again, she's a talented lady and her feud with Buggy Nova was the only decent part of NWA: Hollywood.

    Let's hope TNA doesn't drive this talented female to quit wrestling. And no, I will never forgive TNA for ending Taylor Wilde's or Daffney's careers, oh, and where the hell is Sarita? WHY DO YOU RUIN FEMALE WRESTLERS I LIKE TNA?

  11. I know, I read the book. I just don't think that stories true. If it was, I can't see Jericho being so crap in ring. I mean say what you want about him, and I do, but if he's in there with someone he's putting over he works his ass off.

  12. Hemme
    Because he asked?
    You don't.
    A stupid segment used on a bad wrestler
    You shouldn't

  13. Um,'re removing the Aces & Eights garb from all of the members of the club. Hey, I think you forgot one. In addition to what I suppose could generously be called a vest, she has on some really tight pants that I'm pretty sure have an A&8 insignia sewn into them somewhere. Those definitely have to go.

    But seriously, I assumed that after Brooke overshot Bully on that hammer toss, that she would proceed to make out with Mr. Anderson, since, you know, no one around here has enough reasons to hate him already.

    That finish was lifted from, the Survivor Series '98 match between Ken Shamrock and The Rock, which took place 15 years ago, nearly to the day. Big Boss Man tried to toss his nightstick to Shamrock, but the Rock intercepted it and used it to get the win. It was of course later revealed that the Corporation was helping Rock all along, so Boss Man made the errant toss on purpose, I just assumed that they were doing the same thing with Brooke tonight. Or maybe girls just suck at throwing?

  14. About 2 months ago I saw Jimmy Hart sitting solo at Hogans Clearwater restaurant. He was drinking a huge blue fishbowl bowl drink and hitting on this old beach skank. Solid visual

  15. Actually Hogan had Classy Freddie Blassie as Manager in the early 80s.

  16. Did anyone see the article Dixie spoke about? Apparently she claims Panda doesn't put money into TNA anymore and that it funds itself, which is why they started cutting talent.

  17. Kayfabe wise, the reason he turned was b/c Money Inc was going to bash Beefcake's surgically repaired face with IRS's briefcase and Jimmy thought they were going too far. Hart started siding with Hogan and Beefcake after that.

  18. I missed the show but having the roster on the ramp to watch the main event seems like a cool touch. Did it come off like that or just come off as corny/hokey?

  19. We are talking about different things here.

  20. I understand, by the way I enjoyed the book. Can't wait for one where he talks about his previous comebacks.

  21. If they had come down to the ring, maybe one on each corner and one at the ramp.. or do ANYTHING other than get Tazz's jacket at the end... it would have been good. As it turned out, it was a non-factor.

    Also, who was the fourth guy in line, I want to say between Joe and Magnus?...

  22. Also, it was only five guys... Angle, Gunner (why?). Joe, mystery dude, Magnus

  23. That throw was AWFUL. As was the hammer shot that followed.

    But, why not? A bad end to what became a bad angle/group...


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