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TCW Wrestling - Episode 13-46 Review

First things first, here's where to find the show on TV in your area:

Here's the show itself, if you feel like playing along:

From the Vicksburg Civic Auditorium in Vicksburg, MS. Your hosts in the ring are Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson. They run down this week's card: the FORMER TCW Tag Team Champions, Genetic Perfection are in action. The International Championship is on the line when the champion, Titan, defends against Scott Phoenix! But the main event, as has been building for the last few weeks, is TCW Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm putting it all on the line against #1 Contender, Lance Hoyt! Let's get crazy!

Roll the opening video.

We kick things off backstage as Jason Jones is there with the current tag team champions, The Hounds of Hell, Cerebus and Roosevet. Jones asks the team about the whereabouts of Genetic Perfection's manager, Rich Rude, as they abducted him several weeks back. Roosevelt states that they took Rude out of the equation. Cerebus chimes in stating that this feud with Genetic Perfection has been a war, and in a war you take out the control center, which was Rich Rude. GP is lost without Rude, and if they want to see him again, they will forfeit their rematch.

Match #1 - Genetic Perfection (Alan Steel and Michael Barry) vs. Jeremy Awesome & Nathan Aulridge - Steel starts the match with Awesome, but quickly finds himself in the wrong corner. A double team whip to the corner leads to Steel going up and over a charging Aulridge, and then miscommunication between Awesome and Aulridge sends Aulridge to the floor, and then Steel hits a flying back elbow from the middle to take Awesome down. That gets a 2. Tag to Barry. He takes over with an armbar takedown. Tag back to Steel, and Auldridge meets his foot in the corner. Axhandle from the top. Steel off the ropes and he gets a knee to the back from Awesome, and the a clothesline from Auldridge puts him down. Tag to Awesome. Double team boots in the corner as the ref is distacted, and we take a break. Back from break as Steel hits a spinebuster to attempt the comeback. Both Steel and Aulridge down. Both men crawling or the tag, and there it is! Hot tag to Michael Barry. Awesome also in now. A series of back elbows takes Awesome down. Fireman's carry for Barry, and he takes an interfering Auldridge down with his partner's own feet. Steel in to superkick Aulridge out of the ring. Barry hits the Saturday Night Special (F5)! Steel to the top, and Barry assists with a Rocket Launcher to Aulridge. That should do it! 1...2...3! (4:14)

WINNERS: Genetic Perfection. ** - Nothing special here; just a standard tag team squash with some token offense from the other team.

Cut to Genetic Perfection on the stick. They say that Rich Rude is family, and you do not abandon family, no matter what. Surprisingly, they accept the terms of The Hounds and forfeit their title rematch. With that done, they demand the return of Rude NOW! Rude is then brought out on a wheelchair, bound and gagged, and dumped at ringside by The Hounds. Genetic Perfection tend to Rude, and are upset, but we take a break.

When we come back, Titan is searching for Lily and can't find her. Instead, he finds a note. Then we get INSIDE TITAN'S HEAD as he reads Lily's note in there. She writes that if Titan were a real man, he would have gotten the job done. She can't be with a man who has perfomance issues, and it's over between them. Titan then weeps, for he is sad.

Jason Jones backstage with Vordell Walker, and asks him for his thoughts on his match last week with Sigmon. Walker says that he came to TCW to be the heavyweight champion but can't seem to shake Sigmon, a thorn in his side. Jones reports to Walker that Col. Parker has announced a match between Walker and Sigmon in two weeks, and no more double pin cop outs, because it will be a submission match! Walker says that it's right up his alley, and Sigmon will be the loser when he taps out. Walker slaps the shit out of himself, because that dude is intense.

Match #2 - Titan (c) vs. Scott Phoenix - TCW International Championship.

Staredown in the middle of the ring, as Titan just towers over Phoenix. Phoenix doesn't back down, and tells Titan to bring it. Lockup to start, and Titan powers Phoenix to the mat, but Phoenix rolls out of the ring. Back in and Phoenix is whipped to the corner HARD! We take a break. When we come back, Titan is slapping Phoenix in the chest. Whip to the corner, but the charge meets boot. Dropkick from Phoenix slumps Titan in the corner. A charge from Phoenix, but Titan catches him in a bearhug. Phoenix tries to elbow out, but Titan rams him into the corner. Titan now standing on the throat in the corner. Titan with a shot to the body. A second fist to the body. In the middle of the ring, Titan with a huge chop to put Phoenix down. Phoenix comes off the ropes but Titan picks him up and slams him down. A bodyslam by Titan, but an elbowdrop misses. Phoenix with kicks, comes off the ropes and Titan grabs him by the throat, but Phoenix gets out of it. Dropkick staggers Titan. Phoenix Rising (Disaster Kick) hits, but Titan is still standing, but wobbling. Phoenix to the top but Titan catches him. Going for the running powerslam, but Phoenix slides out and shoves Titan to the corner. Phoenix Rising hits again and Titan is down! The cover...1...2...3! New champ! (6:57)

WINNER: And NEW TCW International Champion, Scott Phoenix. ** - This was your more run-of-the-mill little man vs. big man match. The power moves by Titan matched with the speed and agility of Scott Phoenix. It wasn't horrible, and it certainly had more time to be better. But a secondary title changing hands was treated as a big deal, which it should. Something this company gets right: treating it's titles as a goal to be attained.

After a quick recap of the title change and the upcoming main event, we head to the ring where Col. Parker is mediating a contract signing for a lumberjack match between John Saxon and Steve Anthony. Anthony takes the mic and says he has nothing to prove by beating Saxon. His career is taking off, and Saxon's is on life support. "What" chants can be heard even in TCW. Always stupid, if you ask me. Anthony wants to thank Col. Parker for letting him be the one to finally put Saxon out of wrestling. Anthony guarantees Saxon will not sign for the match. Parker says he has known Saxon for 20 years and has never seen him speechless. Some good trash talking here by Anthony, as he gets across the point that Saxon is near the end of his career and is just delaying the inevitable. Anthony tells him to just get up and leave because he's done. Saxon stands up and finally speaks, saying that he just wants to say one thing. RIGHT HAND TO ANTHONY! There goes the table! They brawl around the ring, with Saxon tearing the threads off Anthony. Saxon clears him out of the ring, and we take a break!

Good segment there, with Anthony dialing up the overconfidence and Saxon shutting him up by kicking his ass.

Match #3 - Tim Storm (c) vs. Lance Hoyt - TCW Heavyweight Championship.

Hoyt is already in the ring, as his entrance was cut. I don't know if that bodes well for him or not. Jawjacking to stat. Lock up, and they break. Test of strength now. Hoyt powers Storm down to almost a knee, but Storm let's go. Another lock up and they're in the corner. Hoyt with rights and forearms. Storm goes to the eyes. Lock up, knees from Storm, and backs Hoyt into the corner. Whip is reversed, but Storm charges out with a clothesline, no sold by Hoyt. Hoyt takes him to the corner, whip is reversed but Hoyt charges out with a clothesline. Hoyt shoves Storm to the ropes and a big boot puts Storm out. On the floor, Hoyt takes Storm's head to the stairs. Now to the guardrail. Hoyt back in the ring breaking the count. Storm lingers on the floor while the referee counts. Now back in, and Hoyt meets him with knees. To the buckle, whip and Storm hits the corner hard. Cover gets a 2 count for Hoyt. Storm manages to take control, and takes Hoyt down with a uranage sweep, and that gets 2 for Storm. Storm mounts Hoyt for some rights and choking. Rear headlock with a grapevine for Storm. Hoyt with elbows, but Storm forearms him down. Off the ropes, and Storm's big boot is no sold, and Hoyt hits a clothesline. The cover gets a 1. Storm kicks the knee a few times to put Hoyt down. Storm working the leg now. Storm rolls Hoyt to the apron and wraps his leg around the bottom rope. Now they're to the floor, where Hoyt's head gets the stairs. Some kicks to Hoyt on the floor, and Storm is back in the ring, while the referee starts his count. Hoyt rolls in, dodges a Storm kick, but Storm stays on him. Whip off the ropes is reversed and Hoyt hits a flying shoulderblock! Hoyt making the comeback, hits a clothesline to take Storm down. The cover gets 2. Hoyt going for the chokeslam but Storm gets out and hits a Cross Rhodes! 1...2...kick out! Storm hits a powerbomb! 1...2...kick out! Storm off the ropes, but Hoyt hits him with The Perfect Storm (spinning Boss Man slam)! 1....2...kick out! That was one of Storm's own moves. In the corner, whip is reversed into the referee and he is down. Hoyt hits the Scorpion Deathdrop! But there's no referee. And now The Empire is out, in the form of both Greg Anthony and Steve Anthony. Hoyt fires Greg off the top and knocks Steve off the apron. Matt Riviera is out, hands Storm the title BELT, and Storm goes to hit Hoyt, but Hoyt gets the big boot! Hoyt with the BELT now and he nails Storm! He goes for the cover, but the referee is down. Here's a second ref. 1...2...3? It looks like a botched count. But they're calling Hoyt the new champ! (13:40). The first ref comes to and waves it off, stating that he saw Hoyt use the belt. He is reversing the decision and awarding the match to Tim Storm by DQ. Storm is still the champ!

THE WINNER: Tim Storm, by disqualification, an STILL your TCW Heavyweight Champion. **1/2 - this was a pretty good power match between two big guys. But once again, the screwjob finish rears it's head and takes away from what was a surprisingly decent match.

This show had a little more "sports entertainment" than last week's show, but it still breezed by and I thought it was enjoyable. We had another title change, and they set the stage for the next few weeks with the lumberjack signing, and the submission match announcement. This southern company likes the old Dusty finishes with double pins and reversed decisions, however. Still, I implore you guys to just sit down with a few of these shows, and you will be surprised by how much you will like it. Until next week!


  1. That Kurt Angle vs. HHH angle could have been awesome. Kind of a head-scratcher that he would kill it too, since it would have made HHH a huge babyface and the Wrestlemania blow-off against Angle might have been epic. I guess it would have meant no Austin-HHH program though and that probably seemed more valuable to Hunter.

    The Orton one was one of the most egregious. Jobbing him a month after winning the belt was ridiculous.

  2. In a bold initiative to increase revenue, Maffew will start including screenshots of Scott's articles, accompanied by 40 seconds of laughter.

  3. I felt like it was part of a joke I didn't get... like the Stevie Richards/Chris Benoit thing

  4. "

    Top 10 Times HHH Didn't Do What Was Best For Business... in a single episode of RAW"

  5. *shrug* I think the man was, at the very least, annoyed by the unexpected crowd response; it would not surprise me if he became genuinely angry. He's probably not accustomed to improvising promos anymore, so his weak attempt to stifle the crowd came off to me like he had become flustered.

    If you think this makes me a mark, that's fine. It doesn't really change my opinion. If you're inclined to state why I'm wrong, it might start an interesting discussion.

  6. Stranger in the AlpsDecember 10, 2013 at 9:59 PM

    The name thing is still one of those things that is "indy" about them, but it's a small thing. I even think that Titan is a slight rip off of The Big Show, with the name (it was rumored to be Big Show's name when he first signed back in '99) and the "sssshhh" corner spot. But when a lot of the guys deliver in the ring, it evens out.

  7. But no-sells like that dramatically reduce one's lifespan, such as with Hawk always popping up from a piledriver.

  8. I hope that my reviews get people to at least check it out. That's why I try to keep positive commentary, and lay off the snark. I figure making fun is counterproductive.

  9. Porn-Peddling Jef VinsonDecember 10, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    Top 10 Times HHH Didn't Do What Was Best For Business... in the first quarter hour of RAW"

  10. I thought about it... but he was kept to a minimum this week

  11. Is this on Time Warner Cable?

  12. What about the last 15 minutes?

  13. Porn-Peddling Jef VinsonDecember 10, 2013 at 10:07 PM

    HBK said in his book he was the measuring stick for all new wrestlers. If you couldn't work with him then you wouldn't make it in the WWE.

  14. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO ONE UP ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  15. I didn't notice the other Harley Race criticisms. But if something is posted that's inaccurate, it should be pointed out.

    Meekin at the football game was stupid. What single girls are going to be there just waiting for him to take home.

    What have I said about Benoit that's objectionable. I've criticised people who try to whitewash what he did and explain why WWE is right to erase him

  16. To be fair (to HHH, though, one should always be fair to Flair, as well), Ric Flair was playing 1991 Harley Race to HHH's 1991 Lex Luger in WCW with Booker T as 1991 Ron Simmons.

  17. Booker T was really over in 2002, but he kept getting cut off at the knees.

  18. Porn-Peddling Jef VinsonDecember 10, 2013 at 10:27 PM

    He's the black guy in a horror movie?

  19. There is a link at the top of the review that will take you to a page that will hopefully tell you what channels in your state carry it. If you don't find it, they upload that week's episode to their website and YouTube channel.

  20. Austin hit HHH with a chair in that one.

  21. Honourable mention....

    * HHH and Michaels treating the Spirit Squad like complete and total jobbers for all of 2006, routinely beating all of them in five-on-two handicap matches.

    * basically a lifetime of Jericho stuff, including even stuff like his snide comment about Y2J not being an A+ player a couple of months ago

    * remaining a heel and joining Austin to form the Power Trip, when logic just CRIED OUT for Triple H to turn face and become the big rival to the new heel Stone Cold. Instead, they inexplicably become partners. This is a case where I really don't see any self-serving logic for HHH since obviously he would've been better off becoming the de facto #1 face in the company (with Rock off filming and Austin now a heel).

    * going out of his way to squash Hurricane after the Rock had spent a few weeks putting him over. Along the same lines as that Eugene feud.

    * pedigreeing London/Kendrick for absolutely no reason on a random edition of Smackdown a few years ago. As I recall, London/Kendrick had come out to help HHH fight off some heels, and he just inexplicably attacked them afterwards.

    * I guess this one could be disputed, but I'd argue that it wasn't "best for business" to waste two of Undertaker's precious few remaining WM Streak matches on Triple H when they could've been spent on a fresher opponent or a younger guy who would've benefited from that high profile. One match, okay, but absolutely not two.

  22. I'm actually a little surprised by everyone thinking that the WWE didn't expect the crowd response in the main even segment. They had Bryan in the opening segment and then multiple segments throughout the show. They mentioned the fact that Bryan is no longer the champion during the show and they had him stand in the ring, in his home state, int he main event segment. The last segment did seem to be more loose and "go with the flow" than I am used to seeing in modern WWE, but I don't doubt they expected that reaction.

  23. Yeah, well the WC articles are already driving mad traffic here, so it's win-win for me. I'm not worried about haters, because it just makes it more fun to troll them even harder.

  24. I don't think they could have held off on Angle/HHH until WrestleMania. That's a long ass time.

  25. He also suffered a concussion during the match, so that probably had something to do with it.


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