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The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–02.28.94

(OK, last of the reposts from 2011, as they’ll start putting the March 1994 RAWs up on the Network tomorrow and I’ll pick it up here in the present…in the past…whatever.  You know what I mean.)
The SmarK Legacy Rant for Monday Night RAW - February 28 1994
- Taped from Poughkeepsie, NY.
- Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Harvey Wippleman.
WWF World title: Yokozuna v. Randy Savage
Savage's last shot at the WWF title, as it turned out. Savage gets tired of waiting for Yoko's entrance, so he attacks before the bell…and gets clobbered as a result. Not smart. Yoko chokes him out in the corner and slugs away, then adds a slam, but misses the big fat splash. Savage sends him to the floor with the high knee and adds the double axehandle, and we take a break. Back with Savage trying to muscle Yoko back into the ring to avoid a countout (take notes, Lex Luger), but Jim Cornette allows Yoko to get a cheapshot and run Savage into the stairs. Back in, they slug it out and Savage wins that one and follows with a flying axehandle. Flying crossbody gets two. Rollup gets two. Yoko finally goes with a low headbutt to make the Macho Man a bit less macho, and he follows with the avalanche. Savage is done, but Yoko drags him into the middle of the ring to gloat, then misses the Hulkbuster legdrop. Savage gets the salt bucket away from Yoko and puts him down with it, and that gets two. He stops to knock Cornette off the apron and goes up to finish, but the big elbow only gets two before Crush runs in for the DQ at 10:57. Well you know that finish was coming, but Savage is so good at building sympathy that you almost thought he might make the big comeback and win anyway. ***1/4 It turns into a big brawl with Crush & Yoko beating down Savage and Bret Hart, but thankfully Lex Luger is there to make the save, long after anyone who actually gives a shit has gotten involved.
Bam Bam Bigelow v. Mike Khoury
Bigelow slugs the jobber down and drops elbows, but misses the headbutt. Khoury comes back with a dropkick, but Bigelow slams him as Vince announces the Doink & Dink v. Bigelow & Luna match at Wrestlemania. Clearly they had no clue what to do with Bigelow at this point, as the Doink feud was blown off months before this with no need for another match. Enzuigiri finishes at 2:35.
Earthquake v. The Black Phantom
The Phantom is clearly a renamed Blackheart, and given Luna's employment it's probably Gangrel picking up a few bucks on the side. Quake overpowers him and puts him down with a dropkick (no really, a pretty good one at that). Butt splash finishes at 1:38. Vince notes that originally Quake was supposed to face Ludvig Borga at Wrestlemania, but now it's Adam Bomb. Have we even seen Borga since his injury?
Meanwhile, Stan Lane (his RAW debut as an interviewer) heads into Shawn's dressing room, but Shawn gets all offended because he's underdressed. So in a funny bit, he leaves his towel on and makes sure to put the Intercontinental belt on over it. Why the hell is Diesel hanging out in the dressing room while Shawn is getting dressed, anyway? That's kinda weird.
Men On A Mission v. Brooklyn Brawler & Steve Smith
Mo pounds Smith down with a dropkick and flying forearm, but Brawler comes in. And gets clobbered. He tries a sunset flip on Mabel, but gets legdropped. Vince notes that Randy Savage is "discontinent" in the dressing room because of the loss tonight. Yeah, he usually sounds that way on interviews. Maybe he needs more fibre. Smith gets hung in the Tree of Woe and splashed by Mabel, and the big fat splash finishes at 3:13.
Next week: Owen Hart & Crush v. The Smoking Gunns! Jeff Jarrett v. Virgil! Doink! IRS! And…the Undertaker?


  1. Why book the main event first? This isn't Saturday Nights Main Event!

  2. Also, I was promised the MSG RAW from 1997 in the update earlier, but the RAW archives skip from 96 to 98 on PS3. Although both this show and the March 7 one are now in the RAW archives in advance of them being on the live stream.


  3. They had Monday Night RAW on a Friday this year?

  4. Just in case they ended up going an hour?

  5. Did You Know: Every match on this show features a dead wrestler.

  6. Dave Heath is still alive, although obviously his ex-wife is dead.

  7. What is past, is prologue here at the BoD!

  8. I don't think Diesel has wrestled a match yet in these reviews. And he'd be champ in 9 months. Still can't figure these shows out. It's like they just point at the first two people they see backstage and book them in a match.

  9. I was hoping for Savage to pull triple duty at WM 10, facing Crush, Luger, then Bret, while Yokozuna had the night off. Oh well... :(

  10. I’ll pick it up here in the present…in the past…whatever. You know what I mean.)

    "That's all in the past now."
    "You mean the future?"


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