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BB16 - Christine Crowd Reaction

Hi Scott,

What in the world was that reaction?  That had to be the worst exit reaction we have ever seen on the show - surpassing even the racists from last season!  Does America find flirting while married to be more despicable than racist jokes and comments?

Were you as shocked to this reaction as I was? It caught me completely off-guard.

​Now that I've actually seen the episode...

I was pretty shocked because I know the feedsters really hate Christine but didn't think it was gonna be some Hester Prynne-level slut-shaming stuff.  Maybe the audience was really into the sanctity of marriage?  

Also, worst double-elimination episode ever. So boring.

Also, Victoria for the win, just because it would be HILARIOUS.  ​


  1. Is it just me or is Derrick up there with dan gheesling and dr will for one of the smartest games ever played? There has been almost no doubt for weeks now that he is going to win the season

  2. I don't watch BB, but the Hester Prynne reference reminded me of the pain of having to read The Scarlet Letter in high school. That was a horrible, HORRIBLE book.

  3. Christine is amazingly unattractive and the crowd finds it over the top insulting she would be so horrible to her husband when everyone can see. The way she completely no sold if made everyone even more upset. Her husband being on the show saying bothered them made the crowd more upset. Did I mention Christine is hideously ugly and was openly disrespectful to her partner in front of a live audience. People hated that. She also played a pretty terrible game of being a total suck up to the boys all season. I found it pretty insulting that such an uggo would think that they could flirt their way to success. Go fake laugh at something else Christine. I didn't think I could dislike anyone from this season more than Devin, but you've done it. Which reminds me, has anyone heard that Devin has a daughter?

  4. *cough* ^ New Forum is that way ^ *cough*

  5. No Scott post is cause for quality control which requires forum intervention.

  6. Hold that 10 for Johnny B. BadSeptember 6, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    "Which reminds me, has anyone heard that Devin has a daughter?" My wife & I both laughed out loud at that.
    The reason I disliked her oh so much (aside from the veeeery uncomfortable flirting all the time-I mean there's a difference between a passing comment & sitting in someone's lap while they play with your hair) was when she told Nicole that she heard her boyfriend was making out with Victoria (um, no you didn't). Messing with someone's real life as a "strategic move" is a pretty slimy thing to do. I'm not sure if her reception was worse than what's her name from last year, but it's interesting how two different people have been booed now. I wonder if they'll start intentionally casting for that.

  7. Hold that 10 for Johnny B. BadSeptember 6, 2014 at 1:57 PM

    Oh, and my, um (slightly higher voice) daughter - she, um (deeper voice) is everything to me. (Back to normal voice) And I just want her to know, that, um, if she ever, ah, needs me, I mean-145%, I got her back. You know?"
    Side annoyance from this: not one player, not one, understands the concept of 100%. Not one.

  8. LOL'd hard at the reaction. I think people just hate the Detonators. This season went from really good to really crappy within about the last 3 weeks. Just give Derrick the belt and lets move on to Survivor and Big Brother Canada.

  9. Hold that 10 for Johnny B. BadSeptember 6, 2014 at 1:59 PM

    Is there a place online to watch BB Canada?

  10. Just the bay where pirates are located.

  11. Dan, Will, Maggie, Derrick(if he wins). That's the list. Best BB players ever.

  12. Also you have to understand, 90% of the BB audience are pearl clutching old cat ladies. Slut shaming is practically their national pastime.


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